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RSSArchive for 1995

That I am close…

Cradlesong Waking This is a collection of poems that I selected from my journal while traveling in Egypt, Greece and Russia. Asyle de Nuit October 19, 1995  Giza, Egypt That I am close, Near to her name ‘Memory’, Dreaming beside roads checkered with streams and dressed in tan dust, Favor turns into heartbeat and those […]

I Saw This

March 27, 1995 I saw this, Vacant moonlight Awake during the strong afternoon sun Delicately warming the cattle’s backs, sides and faces One She is laying on that left rib-side Neck straining to lick some lazy itch too small to cause a standing stir a desire to rub the gate, fallen hardy-oak or nearby protruding […]

How Loud The Water Is Poured By The Collapsing Dawn

January 7, 1995 How loud the water is poured by the collapsing dawn ~ Like furniture of lead set too close… Puddles of silver illuminating elemental portraits, Bewitched… Then I am again waiting for their spawn; the thoughts… All lips fattened with a thousand snapped off hooks… Sawmills burning ice ~ The sleeping dog dreaming […]