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RSSArchive for April, 1999

In Being-yourself There Are No Words Merging with IF

April 28, 1999 In Being-yourself there are no words merging with IF, As a tree provides shade, it also prevents taller grasses to grow within that outline. Sitting, a wince comes, Slightly, the youth of man wins his breath, he forgets, forecasts yesterday’s opinion… There are possibilities, how much of his reflection tells the truth? […]

In Being…

April 28, 1999 In Being there are no words merging with IF, As a tree provides shade, so too it prevents taller grasses to grow within that outline, Sitting, a wince comes, slightly the youth of man wins his breath, he forgets, forecasts yesterday’s opinion: there are possibilities, how much of his reflection tells the […]

To begin looking…

1999 To begin looking upon an instrument’s History- To acquire that working unto one’s own and to Remember that it is not only until the Draftsman submits his plan that some-thing is built- rather, too, he consults his religion, prayer and poets for that which arrays those stone’s placement as Beauty.

Those most common effects…

April 11, 1999 Those most common effects; somewhere erasing those grandeurs, the polite and timely perfections whose evidences were only measured by the responses gotten and not by that nature that the greatness existing solitary possessed, Marveling at the capability to live and to breath daily the same atmosphere, the similar reasoning and floating, all […]

After all…

April 4, 1999 After all, the silent sitting does not allude us, Rather in speaking, the heart listens with Looking’s song, While a desert splashes earnestly against its one privacy, We in our youth, Youth pleased to oversee the overlooked, The depth is heard, the ringing blue-bonnet wearer, walking through the grain, The muse, Spring […]