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RSSArchive for September, 1999

There Is An Old Man Sitting At A Desk

September 19, 1999 It is afternoon: I have a vision… There is an old man sitting at a desk; the table is square with vased flowers at each corner, each vase is of a different metal, those being closest in resemblance to the four elements. He is wearing nothing: he is termed by the spirit’s […]

If He Were To Be Cleared

September 17, 1999 If he were to be cleared of the vanities of sadness, that poet would be not beside himself, instead, newly beginning a start beyond his imagined birthdays, into the face of a living hardly known for more than a whisper of salt spray from an ocean whose memories have recorded themselves in […]

An old man approached…

1999 Prayer An old man approached me and said, “It is useless to express the importance of a mood: it is the transient application of a man’s mood which compels him to become erratic, confused and frustrated with non-corroboration from others: too, it’s the same man who may not see his neighbor’s transience and loose […]

A Second Journey Through The Woods

September 14, 1999 A second journey through the woods took me to neither a clearing nor a deeper wilderness, I did not focus on any particular object or invisible element, no fancies or reflections; even Sentimentality left itself adjourned. What then to notice while noticing be? To be noticed and to be called by that […]