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RSSArchive for November, 1999

Yet Have I Mistook…

November 26-27, 1999 Yet have I mistook your face for another’s similar divine, Nor have I conquered comparing mine eye to yours, Though in all of these beholdings while together, I took in my breath a different self, And in your Eye’s hands now deliver Amour, Raising him as Lazarus was, Bringing his light to […]

By Being Nearly A Sun

November 21, 1999 By being nearly a sun, noticing the hawk on the night-paved road, standing beside, for the quietest moment, its catch, its momentary partner on Earth, Then, to the sky they soar, and I travel to sit, my body a walking throne of gold, and oftentimes a blanketing white straw, woven by the […]

How Loudly The Stillest Brown Cat Sits

November 18, 1999 How loudly the stillest brown cat sits in the window, next to me, all universe is erased in the deer prints I found yesterday, What began in the houses of my friends has begun here, Tonight is looking backwards, I recall the motions of my favorite Playmates and their wish-lists, Their invisible […]

Nearly listening…

1999 Prayer Nearly listening I recall all that my foolishnesses have permitted; these Likewises whose business is to be close to Truth then relieved by Haste’s pardoning while attempting to rework that which has never come to finishing itself to a degree permanent enough so that all thought may produce itself in such a way […]