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RSSArchive for November, 2001

There Is A Man Standing, Face Looking Down

November 28, 2001 There is a man standing, face looking down; his wife has the same posture/gesture, though seemingly more internally impatient, as if she has something to add, though must compose herself as an ‘addition’ instead. Behind them stands their daughter, she knows the whole truth, after all, she’s the symbolically ‘standing behind’, [beyond] […]

The Lonely Boy

November 23, 2001 The lonely boy: this is a place to start. How many stories ‘go through with’ what the author already knows, begin with such fluent reluctance not to say the secret, that ‘I am here at this core beginning; there is not a story leading up to this state, just now, and that […]

I Look Up, It’s Night, The Stars Show The Briskness

November 22, 2001 I look up, it’s night, the stars show the briskness, the air is ‘right’ for me, my head dissolves and I wish I could become the hints that the breeze urges into me, like a doctor’s hand, which is expensive, though absolutely necessary. In his truest meaning, the price is not negotiable […]

I Desire That Something Is Remembering In Slow Motion

November 22, 2001 I desire that something is remembering in slow motion the putting together and dragging apart of all this, its delicate patch-quilt, still who knows, what knows? And somehow, because the miracles exist before we notice them, a small conversation sits up, looks around, it is a private child, in the morning, before […]

I Call You For Awhile…

November 22, 2001 I call you for awhile, All of ‘me’ leaps out someplace, wallowing next to myself like a child in deep dust learning how to crawl, in its own small patch of desert pressed out through a music, a simple tune of finding ‘I am here, just now.’ Then attachment arrives and the […]

Yesterday I Experienced

November 17, 2001 ‘Yesterday I experienced.’ To say just that is similar to introducing someone draped in a white cloth, like furniture standing in the interim, between a death and a new family’s inspection of the furnished house. Though ‘to experience’ is so quick, nearly unintelligible without some sentence or inspiration, a list of ‘personal’ […]