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RSSArchive for December, 2001

Sound Of Voices

December 14, 2001 Sound of voices, not ‘sounds of …’, since they all converge outside their rooms, and onto the front of a pointing finger-tip showing towards a petal, any flower, it does not matter. I have found space and allow it so. It touches walls as though they were its children, floors as though […]

I’m On The Battlefield

December 11, 2001 I’m on the battlefield, pausing between the charging troops I’ve involved myself with. I have a moment to ask Anubis, ‘Can you do this thing I wish of myself? Will you share it with me as a familiar might share letting an old mouse go instead of catching the ancient game of […]

And The Virgin Stepped Out

December 2, 2001 And the virgin stepped out of his hiding place and wept. He saw himself at the bed, laying there, being, and enduring becoming. And the virgin stepped out of his hiding place and wept. He saw himself beside his lover, the loving and the loved, the envisioning Earth’s Law of Parting. And […]