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RSSArchive for April, 2002

Another day and…

April 29, 2002 Another day and all over again something stands up with us and claims our names, not portions or sections of a thought, whole entrances and exits lay spread out through its hands, like a map turned upside down, backwards, read by being held up in front of a blazing sun shinning. As […]

I am trying…

April 28, 2002 I am trying to listen to you. How difficult it is to be silent and active inside moving important portions around, condensing and expanding, regarding and letting these who have been gotten go outwards, without me behind them. Thoughts are lonelier than the thinker: he sits while the fist and chin kiss […]

A Careful Step

April 19, 2002 A careful step, I can see it in my memory, a careful step of a Lover: how slow it moves when placed aside Attraction, Affection and Anticipation… Cool autumn molasses, a turtle crossing a shallow pool of soggy clay, a three legged dog arising to begin its night-prowl, an owls’ tender waiting […]

I Heard It Last Night

April 19, 2002 I heard it last night, the lapping of water against something large… Upon itself, a tree who had fallen, the jawbone of a ‘Zeus’ as he lay resting? There are enough answers at the end of a question to prove its original intent ~ to bring those wondering ‘where to place their […]

Temple At Knossos, I Remember You

April 16, 2002 Temple at Knossos, I remember you. Then the Grecian fortress by the sea, The late night entrance through the vine’d window, whose old stone frame never carried a sheet of glass. Steps of myself, I took you towards the Temple of the Caretaker…  Dusk somewhere. The lighting of too many candles. Humility […]