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RSSArchive for July, 2002

Deep Wisteria

July 20, 2002 Deep wisteria. No voices are needed to assist our getting into ourselves, only accesses peeling layers by ones’ own presence spun. These reasons, friends, the freedoms and a wealth of noticing in one another likenesses… done. A gift of a flower, a father’s past confessions, the wading-evening across the morning-swan, Waking up […]

The Drunken Queen

July 18, 2002 The Drunken Queen Suppose, not for a moment, for a whole day, that this woman could start all over again, an elderly body, a young spirit without… (without what?) If ‘without’ were not included in the summoning of a story, of nearly anything, then starting all over would not be a hope, […]

It Is A Small Treasure To Gain It All Up

July 16, 2002 It is a small treasure to gain it all up, rising to walk to this writing place and begin there, where I was taking it in, yesterday’s noticements, letting items out… One of the mysterious filters who arrived on Earth, to take the ape by the hand, to lead him into evolution […]

Hold Still Awhile

July 15, 2002 Hold still awhile, window passing, Law of transparency clinging tight. The day! This owning day-time, while night is perceived as a nearly forgotten ‘since then,’ because rest is easier than exertion. You, I saw today, giant-faced-dark-man in such a small traveling. Such a face! Nearly too large to belong there, as if […]

Pans Of Gypsum And Seas Of Seals

July 12, 2002 Pans of gypsum and seas of seals… Spirit be past us: how we have floated! What I have understood of myself through these days, will I remember? Already something takes fantasy in seeing land interrupting the horizon, so that it may plan, expect and disregard how I sense myself now. The difficult […]

Spring and Winter

July 10, 2002 Spring and Winter. If we could say these two words with deep recollection and feeling for what they, as divine allotments of time, have taught us, how much different would we take in a comment-season from an acquaintance, from ourselves when we fail to be content? Often a moment is not enough, […]

Deep, Deep Universe, Inside WE.

July 4, 2002 Deep, deep universe, inside WE. Asleep a little while… Hinges, edges of things swiftly floating amongst those planted beings. Green looking, legs walking. A forest floor calling to the planets for a combination to store or one to unlock with its abundance of seeds. Looking. A little girl dressed in an orange […]

Knocking On An Unfamiliar Door

July 2, 2002 Knocking on an unfamiliar door, early morning. The sun is bright, a hint of the previous night’s thick jasmine musk greets me at the entrance. A large white tabby purrs, hidden a bit in the dense hedge lining the pathway, whose ‘stones’ are massive pieces of various colored glass. I heard a […]