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RSSArchive for 2006

Worn Out Moth

September 27, 2006 Worn out moth nearly bare from knocking at the light, visitor jumping and guest-host heaving winged wonderer map-maker destroyer, twirling circlet compass trespasser, lightning liquor-virgin whiter that you’re now here. Yes, there’s a store of storms approaching. Pregnant infant of numerous hunters pregnant, risking the flight of their deepest of wooded descents. […]

It’s Nearly Morning

September 27, 2006 It’s nearly morning; I’m sitting on the red-braided throne, I see my father smoking tobacco and drinking coffee, pondering what had only begun yesterday, while not finished until a forgetting placed him back on that subject again as though he’d only begun it once… Before was always seemingly his now. I see […]

And With Nightfall

September 27, 2006 And with nightfall enveloped in the shadow of my brightest day gone, I saw her form lay up a blue hued glow about Forest’s floor, while otherworldly stacked and designed next to her, a stockpile of mittens… A match on fire and through her fingers it cart wheeled and tumbled like a […]