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RSSArchive for 2007

Nighttime and Daytime

December 31, 2007 Nighttime and Daytime; this world is both simultaneously all the time, in this moment there is lifting light and sifting dusk, all that is planned lands and that which is not supposed to happen takes off and flies… Whatever transpires was already deceased within its birth, though the being who implied its […]

We did not drift…

November 29, 2007 We did not drift, there were shadows anchoring us; it seemed as though we departed, it was the shadows that receded, we stayed in one palace, the world is not a foolish place, it is not a ‘place’ at all, it is vacant as we fill it, name it, become it’s echo […]

Not within words…

November 25, 2007 Not within words standing alone, unturned, back to front; the page becomes what, when held up to the sunlight? No, the words are vacant and hollow of even that which gives the breezes permission to rustle the groves of persimmon, cork and maple syrup trees; they stand on a page or swirl […]

No, not hardly…

November 24, 2007 No, not hardly; we simply couldn’t see through the mist, though knew that the well house was near due to the dank smell of old blankets: see, that little building had been used by ‘certain towns folk’ as a sort of refugee camp for secret, unsold quilts, a mishmash of guinea pig-designs […]


November 15, 2007 Replenishment: portals, fire light… wombed geodes cooling, not planning to be finished for another four hundred thousand years; pregnancy weighs more than its birth. She hears the sounds of him coming home, though the steps leading to him do not feel her descending weight… Love waits and love weights… It’s not that […]

Someplace wherein…

November 4, 2007 Someplace wherein The Resolve lived my planet, it rotated and caught up moons like soap bubbles ride upon a mid afternoon river goddess’s bath’s foaming, caught, broken singularly by the breezes and rushing currents, transparent orbs, each with her facial, interior moods caught upon it’s reflective convexes, blinking away once upon the […]

Weeds upon my fingertips…

October 2007 Weeds upon my fingertips; see?  When I heard the door slam ahead of her fingertips, I knew, she knew, the door knew, the lock too… We all knew that the future demonstrated (as always) some sort of togetherness no one condoned. The buzzards were naked as they picked the cloth-flesh to hide their […]

I saw a…

October 7, 2007 I saw a chocolate Labrador back-thrashing a patch of grass standing beside a duo of trash cans today, Beautiful boldness stationed ‘right now’, sculptor of ‘cats running up trees’ and blue mail boxes that possess that external mail only other ‘sniffers’ know, ‘What do ‘I’ deserve?’ What is ‘deserve’, de-desert or de-dessert? […]

We are…

October 7, 2007 We are right ‘there’ in the throws of All, the noun, the ‘system’ before the ‘solar’, The ‘sun’, the son from where and his ‘sister’? Earth? The ‘father’, the darkness embracing all the swirling bubbles called ‘planets’ or ‘plan-nets’? The ‘mother’, the stars, the meteor belts, the asteroid packets, the womb debris, […]

Wandering, she carried…

October  2007 Wandering, she carried god’s afterthoughts around in a bucket, Happy, she spun them round the newly sculpted skeleton, Alive, she awoke, veins fulfilled by Mercury and eyes, the moon, Loving, she walked a pulse from the heart to her extremes, Earnest, she lifted eyelids who’ve never known her kind, Resurrection was not its […]