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RSSArchive for September, 2007

Softness theatre…

September 15, 2007 Softness theater staging in the interpreting rainstorm, Circus midget, buckled up, chin between her knees, begging for height… God has no last name; alpine chilled spring thawed rolling hills, nets spreading from herself… 12 apostles pulled in, against their recklessness, they do not waiver… 3 heads on silver platters, queens dipping their […]

That Weight

September 12, 2007 That weight, Belonging to the Earth’s epidermis, Rolling, spinning, kneading bread-maker, bread-maker, bread-maker, Hurricane settler, it’s churning, twirling, eye of the storm womb-place vacant, quiet. Tornado suitor, tornado suitor, tornado suitor, Empty loaves, a golden brown shell, sheltering a runaway scream, shhhhh… Little girl whirling, Power to be in between scoring and […]

His Father Had Just Come In

September 4, 2007 His father had just come in from something exciting, something unfinished, you could see it in his eyes, the anticipation, simply, having to catch his breath, Then, heaving chest to be delivered outdoors again; what is it? He’s sitting in ‘his chair,’ teaming with energy, beaming with sweat, oil, Rembrandt whitened teeth, […]