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RSSArchive for January, 2008

Yes. This unfathomable world…

1.19.2008 Yes. This unfathomable world, where one’s heart drives a carriage made of sponges, the reigns lightning bolts and the horses are buckets of over brimming storm-water: full on, this circumstance of contraptions and contraption of circumstances goes rattling through the thickest swamps and straight through god’s levees, tearing into the underworld as though it […]

It is stayed…

January 18, 2008  (Holland) It is stayed from spinning, to sample the gusts that simply arrive; A house now, not a mill: ‘Their footsteps’, no mice… In his minds eye a figure floats, turning like a clock hand within a room only illumined by its glowing robe: dark figures are heading closer, holding in their […]