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RSSArchive for February, 2009

Descriptions Of You

February 28, 2009 Descriptions of you do not fade away. The Fading could never claim you true. I, in my memories, (because I’ve made one memory many of itself) walk across river rocks, while they breath their sponge-mirrors out into me. I dance because I have to, I am drunk and unsteady with black & […]

Time Wearing Feather Shoes ~ Visualization #9

February 24, 2008 Time wearing feather shoes and light bright blue coral chainmail; voices in my chest, searching and uselessnesses I question, while the asking of the void for only my creations to walk backwards back-to-me is? Silent screech owls, silent hammers, silent rain- travel and silent unbottling of grief’s undone lawsuits: slowly cut-unraveling hems, […]

It’s Early Morning: Someone’s Grandfather

February 19 & 23, 2009 Visualization #8 It’s early morning; someone’s grandfather is trying to move a kitchen table that’s been bolted to a separate standing butcher block for 112 years: this ‘couple’ is an antique and singular, though married. The fasteners were installed in a way similar to train bridges built before the 1900’s, […]

I Am Watching, Someplace Is Arriving Again

February 27, 2002 I am watching, someplace is arriving again; it is fresh for you my beloved. Yes, there it is, a satisfaction waiting to be held by a human being’s breathing into it. Enter a woman. Early twenties, some call a young girl, though behind her is a stepladder of shades and colors lifting […]

I Am Walking Across A Field

February 15 & 17, 2009 Visualization #6 I am walking across a field, the ground moves in downward increments as my weight leans into each step; the footprints stay behind, forming pools of white plaster… It’s summer, and the grass is still green since there’s swampland nearby. I am heading towards a three story house, […]

I Remember When I Would Talk You To Sleep

February 12 & 14, 2009 I remember when I would talk you to sleep: though this was more akin to saying a mantra for both of us; me, unconsciously playing the third party spectrum like a fourth primary color. We were like two field medics, covered in ash and prayers, mute and in the darkness, […]

Is That Where You Went?

February 10-11, 2009 ‘Is that where you went?’ said she to the statue of a horse, removing it from inside herself by agreeing to touch the clay and be touched back by those fingerprints kneaded and gone, smoothed over, misted with pale white and cannot- tell-yet-glazes. She heard the sound of raindrops and the unfolding […]

Badi N Huri

February 9, 2009 Badi N Huri Dream to poem, Poem to dream, they are both the same, these are just words being connected with words ending in ‘ed’. I am speaking to the shadows who call themselves names by any other words than my own name, saying, ‘You’ve unearthed me, 30 of me and the […]

I See Him, Though Only Because I Am

February 8, 2009      Visualization #5 I see him, though only because I am the atmospheric boundary surrounding his world’s propensity for gravity. He’s playing in the sand, needless to say, near an ocean that’s one inch deep: he’s building a moat with a sowing needle and flat toothpick. There are regiments of shovels, handles stuck […]

What Ought. What Welcomed Work, As I Began

February 8, 2009 What ought. What welcomed work, as I began, as a child consciousness growing, to ‘save up’ for the future, a tomorrow that did not permit (and still doesn’t) echoes romantic or adult sound add-vice? There are two pictures I see of me, sitting in a red chair and wearing that object’s colored […]