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RSSArchive for March, 2009

.Samantha and Bianca Revelus.

March 31, 2009 .Samantha and Bianca Revelus. Just as a snowflake cannot be missed in making a snowman, there are beginnings at endings and quiet pianos searching for something to say in awe of the birth who will play its keys, unlocking, unlocking, unlocking… The weariness of this world, The white daisies tumbling gently down […]


March 29, 2009 Olga. The weather was always the same. Inside Outside Because our vision couldn’t change. And yes, good things can be what we’ve momentarily celebrated as unalterable. The way we saw things together Apart Frozen Cracked Walking as the winter birch tree path lead us astray, and the telling-time too was gone, far […]

The Lighthouse

March 29, 2009 The lighthouse. The unpainted stairs leading up to the bulb. This rotating beacon, blinking out over a desert, cactus sailors and sand guests… The softness of the sounds did not match the husband’s mood. The prancing deer, somewhere to his East, begging the morning with its trot-dance, for a sphere of fruit […]

Dear Sylvia

March 27, 2009 Dear Sylvia; Again, A chest heaves heaven over its shoulder and balances hell upon its head, there’s the dragging of an old mattress, the candlelight beneath the bridge, the steam rising from risky business and windows, god’s sheathed portals, shattered by angels trying to fly, It feels like there are those who […]

And Everyone Gets A Little Lonely Sometimes

March 26, 2009 “And everyone gets a little lonely sometimes…” _______ This is the taproot, isn’t it? What we do with our ‘individual’ sensations of lonesomeness? And what this phenomenon does with itself while we are its ‘drawing boards’ to some degree. And where the ‘temptation’ to get away from the void takes us; and […]

She Sits On The Couch – Visualization #11

March 24, 2009 She sits on the couch listening for it, the sound of Change minting itself. It’s not about coins to spare, the begging it takes to bring the music out loud from the collection cup, Nor is it about making the one cent twirl; spinning boredom into a cocoon, an ovoid of silk […]

He Wants It To Rain

March 23, 2009 He wants it to rain. And the deer, reignless, and softly setting Hunger down at its morning plate of Green. He wants dangerous lightning. And bumps in the night, nightless, bodiless, And abruptly the wind arrives in an erratic plume of self… Is then interrupted by Time and Space. He wants the […]

The Way The Squirrel Was Sitting In A Treetop

March 19, 2009 The way the squirrel was sitting in a treetop, so still, awe-frozen, and about-face with the joys of movement and freedom… It was seen by her as a gnome and its steed, both locked behind a moon shaped array of veined bars reaching into a blue, ungraspable hemisphere. Laughter welled up inside […]

It Is That Sort Of Day

March 18 & 22, 2009 It is that sort of day where no matter how many times you hear the word ‘yes’, its sound, its upward sensation of hope and trust embodied, simply stay put… Not that it wasn’t there: actually, on days like this it was twice there and two times as large, Like […]

Walking There, Where The Cobwebs Possess

March 15, 2009 Walking there, where the cobwebs possess their own sort of construction sounds… It seems that no matter the amount of empathy desired, father and son return to that tree house ghost town in the forest mired in itself struggling to tear the awkward constructions down… To build bridges between our hearts is […]