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RSSArchive for April, 2009

There Is No Control

April 23, 2009 There is no control, and no matter how hard you scratch the surface of Earth, you become a miner, not a star etching its initials across its own face looking back… Shiny silver wearer of a beak, feather spectacles and a 14 karat dust mop pendant, panting from having descended the steep […]

You Were My Music Too

April 21, 2009 You were my music too; for that period of time, an endless comma-dance in my heart. When empty sidewalks look up at me, I see the ‘us’ already peering down, echo on echo sign languaging every possible sound. They, those we walked by and played contrast-games with in our heads, in the […]

I See A Group Of Girls Gathered Round A Hanging Man ~ Visualization #16

April 21, 2009 I see a group of girls gathered round a hanging man. So silent the flies, So silent the breathing opossum, upside down and daydreaming communications with tucked away snails, first-stirring larvae and brown, hiccupping death-beetles. The girls number 38 in all, not counting the island’s wombed host. 5 of them get a […]

The Entrance Was Immediate ~ Visualization #15

April 20, 2009 The entrance was immediate… How to describe its mediumship? I say ‘medium’ because as a living being between life & death ‘we’ are the electrical storms who light up and die down: how we reach for what the pulse wishes this Now to mint for us, to print for us an unfinished […]

Prayers And Beginnings

April 18, 2009 Prayers and beginnings that cannot pretend to be endings. The ‘Just-because.’ Plain and silent guesswork, though his feelings never strayed too far from close to center and were never done with themselves: not reaching for more, no… He sat and everything that wanted him before his birth simply exhaled and ‘This Life’ […]

A Door Reaches Out

April 14 & 15, 2009 A door reaches out to shake the hand of Welcome… She stoops down to clip the tulips low to the ground, and licks the knife blade, sweet is sweet and such private baths in ritual are priceless within her soft sternum, She’ll carry this story into Death’s foyer, dive her […]

He Used To Laugh At Black Humor

April 14, 2009 He used to laugh at black humor, particularly the degrading sort that exaggerated those presumed results of another’s ‘sin’. The black mirrors made not a sound, nor the glowing white hammers who conjured their gilded frames into nervousness as they lay underneath the transparent-by- night whole-room-carpet, being like hammers are when listening […]

The Earth Asked

April 13 & 14, 2009 The Earth asked, so she did, peel its suntanned skin off, and rolled it up, tucking it away; not necessarily safely, though simply in a box between itself and the void who allowed six sides to agree at being a box. Yes, we are climbing on ourselves actually when we […]

The Miniature Freight Train Set ~ Visualization #14

April 13, 2009 The miniature freight train set; setting glowing purple, lowering itself by rolling, echoing standing still, erasing the headaches of thousands, as its whistle string snaps in two. Parallel lovers, two arms-reach away, loosing a little bit of themselves each time the heavy wheels slide by. Doll-people standing in frozen awe, awestruck by […]

Drifting, Verbally Withdrawing From What Paints Heavy Streetlamps Happy ~ Visualization #13

April 9, 2009 Last day at the cottage. Drifting, verbally withdrawing from what paints heavy streetlamps happy, conversations of doubt, prediction, redirection and retribution. Disintegrating steeple; as its bell returns to being a thimble-god. Myriads, jellyfish three-piece-suits, mermaids and murmuring guests, conch shells and heaven’s forgetfulnesses, train stations and the coal-smoke left behind; the conductor […]