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RSSArchive for May, 2009

A Mild Wind Moves A Rocking Horse – Visualization #17

May 30, 2009 A mild wind moves a rocking horse. A wound up yoyo stays so tensely still in a drawer that’s on fire. The telephone is ringing while it’s melting. A fresh bouquet of flowers becomes a dried heirloom in under 4 seconds. The ‘perfect picture’ embraces the liquid glass sliding off the metal […]

Missy Lynn, Welcome.

May 29, 2009 Missy Lynn, welcome. She was a tall girl, and many said that she’d be a basketball player. Some smile-whispered saying if she ever didn’t recover from an injury, she could be a librarian and wouldn’t need a step stool to reach the top shelf. Always, on Saturday mornings, she’d walk a ten […]

Hungry Robin

May 27, 2009 Hungry robin, missing stone from stone wall, and tens of thousands of lady bugs. The chirping, the dried pine cones inside brown paper bags and an old man getting up from having gotten fake wings long ago. Legal settlements and the ‘I cannot tell you enough(s)’ sliding from crystal clear cheekbones, set […]

Howling Soundness

May 22, 2009 Howling soundness: I apologize for my bright purple tender grass trespasses… I cannot say anything surely; not even this word… Moaning lushness, tired greenest of leaves unfolding on Autumn’s non-wish list… Welcomes unfold letters that can only fit inside the pens who wrote them. I loose and loose. A burning umber star, […]

He Did ‘Listen’ To Her

May 18, 2009 He did ‘listen’ to her, though his selfishness wanted ‘the she’ in her more. Two rocks can collide, enough to create a spark, while having lost not a sand granule worth of themselves over the explosion-clap they’ve made to introduce a tiny portrait of a light brighter than Day’s… The ring on […]

The Collective Guilt-Conscience And The Dirt

May 18, 2009 The collective guilt-conscience and the dirt. Something so boldly personal that it takes an identical twin to live through the rest… A dream of a brown bear with a peg leg. A dream of being one of two, side-by-side victims. Death. Very erratic and anonymous warfare: the priceless unpaid debts of the […]

Disintegrating Wild Lilac

May 18, 2009 Disintegrating wild lilac, filled with you, the shadows and the whiteness that brings winged monarchs rocking horse swooping. Near your ‘sitting arrangement,’ I’m breathing shallow; the ground, it’s not with me… A perfect garden melts away like an unlit candle standing in a frying pan, touching its all-hips to the hot rounded […]

I Admit, I’ve Taken ‘that much.’

May 16, 2009 I admit, I’ve taken ‘that much.’ What some would say was “too much.” Though exclamations lie, and lay their heads down at night with me… They breath alongside my breath, underwater, underneath, understood and underestimated; similar to those fish who attach themselves to blue whales. Something delivers the meaning; that yellow ‘is’ […]

We Sit And Are Seen

May 15, 2009 We sit and are seen. We’re the patches in a quilted, round, merry-go-round rider. The ocean laps at me, The trees wave to me, The soil invites me onto its multi-billion-blinked picnic. I remember how a dress stood on you, only you; like a child upon a fragile built stone wall, Delicate, […]

It Is That Much

May 15, 2009 It is that much; the breathing is what I am speaking of… The lone indentation left in the grass from a rising, A sun’s getting up and walking before diving into a lifeless orb not on fire, not sending love notes, not melting wax wings, and knotting the seen so to deliver […]