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RSSArchive for June, 2009

The City

June 30, 2009 The City, this is where the phantom-forest-library gathers to be one plum, one drum, one tossed unopened can, one monk’s broom… This is where work and rest both burn, this is a place that lets daughters hold the hands of their fathers and cross streets that are not filigree crosses, who are […]

All Else Is Aging Around Your Eyes

June 29, 2009 All else is aging around your eyes. Is there a point where the allying stops? The curve in the spine and that one who binds yin & yang into a spinning firefly couple, filled with more wings than the air can use; can it disappear into its own relaxing reconciliation? Stepping towards […]

A Quiet Field

June 28, 2009 A quiet field doesn’t move me to sing anything about freedom; accidental silence though, this is something not borrowed, never slow enough to be accidently stolen and never so fast to be forgotten twice in one moment’s bashfulness. I remember when you dressed up; I wanted to find a locket right away… […]

How Deep Does The Mask Go?

June 28, 2009 How deep does the mask go? Beyond the sound an inner preparation for a last dinner coaxes from a triangle not there? Past the race track trapped inside a deflated stack of spare tires? Over the fence where a chained dog’s freedom-prints stand, hollow, without him and filling with an afternoon’s rain? […]

I Know The Sound

June 27, 2009 I know the sound, the feeling of the slow, congested heart failure-beat and the years standing up in old age to declare a lair of air, a cataract of might, hymns and twilight twenty-four-seven, minus twenty-three. I saw the silent ambulance tonight gliding by… I was louder when grinding on steel than […]

Love Sometimes Wins

June 26, 2009 Love sometimes wins while embraced by Easter lilies in December, a black silver-threaded sheet draped across a cream-moon colored Mars, an unopened wine bottle deep beneath, settling from being rocked back and forth, pressing slightly against its cork with red whispers, red cape embraces and promises of rain for the thirsts eight […]

This Body, Its Blood

June 25, 2009 This body, its blood, skin and chorus of pliable organs, tendons and giving in wordless sensation, love of touch and close reaching quietness, close reaching necessities who are, by Time’s immediate need of change, diminishing as this is written, as you read and look again towards the ‘What I have.’ And the […]

The Wish To Be With You

June 24, 2009 ‘The wish to be with you.’ Yes, we feel these wishes as missiles, and unfulfilled wishes ‘are’ bullets of sorts (even darts), particularly when the day after tomorrow was/is always yesterday when we speak to ourselves of the consistency, affordability and reliability of Love not to be lost, compromised, subconsciously ignored and […]

Deep Green Divers

June 22, 2009 Deep green divers, shallow breathing and indynascarheart races. Using checkered flags for picnic blankets and table cloths, dresses, shawls, loincloths and a Nietzsche-superman cape. Tanzanite and electrum teardrops, the astuteness of the frozen to stay closest to whatever’s representative of that consciousness in thawless ice. The dictionary of persistence, the accidental swallowing […]

She’d Entered A Lions’ Nest

June 20, 2009 She’d entered a lions’ nest… Steam surrounding her toeprints, ankles lifting as Go lifts the chest to borrow Time’s mischief, Time’s missed chief’s and Time’s ‘M. is chief.’ An unwanderer upon a floor made of resin bound together silverware, shattered plates, fur and linen monogrammed napkins. Their panting could be heard in […]