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RSSArchive for June, 2009

Under Held Breath The Heart Is Beating

June 20, 2009 Under held breath the heart is beating. Nothing seems to cease… She gleams with the births of hope, She shines with the cradle of trinities, She shimmers beside herself while pronouncing her first word twice, ‘My, my.’ Appointments to make a point to disappoint the ointment of a kiss that unseals the […]

Happy Father’s Day Again

June 19, 2009 ‘Happy Father’s Day Again.’ H.F.D.A. How fathers do age. How forecasts do anticipate. How freedom deals apathy. How freed dogs agree. Heaven fronts demons, angels. Fathers: I wave a wand for you and bid the wind no breeching of the steady confetti falling or lifting away of how your hats perfectly fit […]

How Does The Darkness Get In

June 17, 2009 How does the darkness get in between double digit numbers? What happens when our age turns from single one-god-digits to two opposing numbing numbers? Or is it two single gods meeting one another? Do they lean back-to-back so to support one another’s relaxation and who commands that we’re to be ultimately Put […]

Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2009 ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ was difficult… There were sentences he could not satisfy with enough meaning to have them feel right when heard, to pass those sentry towers called ‘I know you’re lying.’ and ‘You’re mother told you to.’ And the father knew all answers to ‘The Why?’ Something took precedence so quickly, […]

Fist Full of Dollars

June 16, 2009 Fist full of dollars, no tomorrows. No change, no cattle free-range, and no morning after tablets to change things from resistance to gains. Fist full of dollars, no quarreling fathers. Hangman’s noose, thought to be not loose, and better than tiger tightness, though no hipper than a string with no kiteness. Frightening […]

The Want To Be Held

June 15, 2009 The want to be held… A need dims the lantern, writes lightly on unbendable stationary while rain plays hopscotch with sleet. Motionless, except the way a thick gold chain sparkles atop twin jugular jugglers juggling, tossing blood and werewolf silver bullet-contents throughout… Someone stands up, and filled with indignation shouts something dyslexic, […]

Water Reflection Meets Reflection Watering

June 8, 2009 Water reflection meets reflection watering. Yes, somewhere he agrees that some mirrors have zipped lips; viper fevers and ruby guesses… What doesn’t miss his footsteps? What doesn’t retreat when sound is muffled? What needs water to be water? A memory of a grove of rocks, a dogwood filled breeze, a meadow off […]

Yes, How Long Will He Hold His Heart In His Hands?

June 8, 2009 Yes, how long will he hold his heart in his hands? ‘Sentence structure.’ No, that’s not it. ‘Amphibious platoon carriers.’ No, not that either. ‘Self-rocking rocking chairs.’ Almost there… She saw him as a child, golden and reaching through the briar patch to retrieve chainmail gloves he’d need twelve years later while […]

Out Of The Water

June 4, 2009 Out of the water, a cold drizzled body on a warm boulder… Disappearing strands, of where water once crawled, fading faster than that liquid allowed its guest a dive out… On a note card he found something he’d written long ago… ‘There are plants that thrive in pots, whose green conscience knows […]

Before Her Wedding

June 4, 2009 Before her wedding, she clapped her hands in private. The applause; only the basement heard it… Not the dress upstairs, nestled like a bright Emu egg in a straight edged straw-naked nest… Not the piano keys, asleep under a felt, two-dimensional tongue… Not the canned preserves, down there in the cellar with […]