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RSSArchive for July, 2009

He Had Used All The Hot Water

July 31, 2009 He had used all the hot water, in no less time than seventy one seconds prior to her arrival from a very dusty day at work. The rages that’s packaged away inside us? Each having its own sole Celibate in Celebration tree; packages who travel in the dark, purchasing their contents in […]

Muligan McGanderstein

July 29, 2009 Muligan McGanderstein. The sound of a clown thanking its makeup. The calm of a box of matches in an underwater waterproof safe aboard an unsafe ocean liner who tried in vain to give highlights to an anonymous hurricane’s eye. The yellow of a newborn’s curl, the curl of the fetus. The spiraling […]

The Twin Towers Walking

July 28, 2009 The Twin Towers Walking. To win the towing of errors? Hand out; hand clear of holding onto anything, hand upon itself hanging there to the side, The other one is pointing in awe that something dressed in white could be so dark, so fairly shadow, And not be a fairy, Nor know […]

Skeleton Horse Riders

July 26, 2009 Skeleton Horse Riders and saddle bags made of stitched together coffee beans; conch shell coffee cups, cow skulls to mesh the roasted rattlings between their bygone-evening teeth, Entering a gate made of two upright mattresses soaked in butter, molasses and emitting a glow of street lanterns once first witnessed upon a 3:12 […]

Old Collapsed Barn

July 25, 2009 Old collapsed barn, Thick moss clinging to a bicycle wheel… (I didn’t know moss could grow on rubber.) Old seamless bottle sticking out of steel-hard soil, Porcelain doll closed in a window, Kitchen faucet dripping of Chanel #8, Potpourri on fire and sitting on top of a pile of thumb rings, Politeness […]

What Swarms Eventually Scatters

July 24, 2009 What swarms eventually scatters. What says ‘What?’ comes from having been touched to the ground roughly smooth by both Birth and the worthiness of that breathing Void whose lungs are cargo planes for famine, flaming torches held by cave painters and the cold metal smell of having chiseled all day long on […]

There’s A Dragon Tied To A Black Tree

July 20, 2009 There’s a dragon tied to a black tree, who lays curled in a spiral, nesting in the hairdo of a circus long ago retired… There’s a dragon tied to a white tree who lays curled in a square, nesting in the hairdo of mortised in memory-cocoons; this reptile allows new family names […]

It Dawns On Him

July 20, 2009 It dawns on him how the world swallowed his fingertips, his blank-ways, his stare, because he was given a face to face forwards with, and coming from a place where there are no backwards or ‘going into’ so to imitate Time’s passing as those sounds clicking onwards upon a roundness (that’s not […]

When ‘His’ Beauty Sleeps

July 17, 2009 When ‘his’ beauty sleeps, (her Privacy’s form being somehow volunteered to be embodied in a body-flesh, quiet hair, quiet quest, a quiet guest being thought out so much as to have nothing to say in the Real World that’s in his mind impersonally personal: Nearly a religion looking for religiousness to knot-meet […]

The Rainbow God Hiccuped Up

July 16, 2009 The rainbow God hiccuped up. The cliff hanging onto a person, its shearness not wanting to let all flatness go and then the go-between dream of a better life told to us, useful, though emptied as soon as its cup is told it’s a container for holding things that evaporate still, frozen […]