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RSSArchive for August, 2009

These Acquisitions

August 29, 2009 These acquisitions we’ve lived ‘through’ and still there is crawling, the sleeping mesmerist, and the color of a rainbow in a pile of debris… And the maidens, the made dens: Those quiet glowing lowering monkey skulls and the skulking Skull King, The bewildering will of a butterfly to have once crawled as […]

How This Happens

August 18, 2009 How this happens; can I say? How the wrinkles simply sit with themselves, all rolled up and pausing to seem pliable, though nearly too quiet to not be successfully frozen… And the sounds of cicada and the bats that do not bother them. The walking sticks who breathe, The violin that snaps […]

Lightning Kept

August 18, 2009 Lightning kept. Standing on the roof he remembered the pain, the fear of loosing the relief valves, the lifestyles of Ebb and Flow and how the heart he kept drawing for her contained a stairway on its left side, A cute sort of far away wish ‘that’ non-spiral staircase was, that she’d […]

Little Red

August 9 & 17, 2009 Little red. Always standing, she wore the red hood, Always standing she bore the Bedouin woven baskets of goods. Yes, she originally had two cradles; one stable, the other naked and gently rocking. Meteorites whistled above, tunes solitary, bashful, white sparks; lifting eyelids to give a pair of pupils light […]

The Crimson Promise

August 16, 2009 The crimson promise: Deducting the crayons, erasing the memories who were mailed with ½ a postage stamp. The meaning of salvation for one when none other exist? An exit where there is no door, no need to arrive or leave? A threshold wearing all white. A chimney with an earring caught up […]

To Visit

August 11, 2009 To visit: These bridges, the way planks creak, the soundlessnesses of looking-up-shiny-nails… The Restoration of Childhood; the pelican’s solitary orange fishing-beak, the slush of February flocks of robins, geese snow-flocks, bars of talkative steel, floors of strewn clothes (No earth underneath.) walls of “Is that really what you did?” ceilings of anxious […]

The Glass Kingdom

August 8, 2009 The Glass Kingdom cometh… He could not say how; it simply ‘is the way’ events are connected to one another, Like the way glass is connected to water as the ‘glass’ ‘of’ ‘water’ is drunk down in the midst of the desert who helped create it. They arrive (The stories, the patter […]

In The Dream

August 6 & 7, 2009 In the dream each man had a ruin, a ‘personal wasteland.’ There were no strong prides in how they viewed these models… Replicates of something far deeper than symbol, human, myth, magic or wish. Let’s say that these set up More-than-windows-into-their-souls emanated As-is, Like 90 birthday presents, one for each […]

The Breath Of Forecast

August 5, 2009 The breath of Forecast, the bulldozing of Forlorn, the Great Grandmother’s forewarning and the deep snow drifts that took the orange cat named ‘Fluffy’ away. Walking on cold cotton has its time. Trying to open boiling jars of canned rhubarb-jalapeno preserves has its… The kindling Death sells for free since the past […]

Yellow Bronze Mittens

August 5, 2009 Yellow bronze mittens, the bright green gasket and the high polished chrome piston, An apple, a ‘please’ and a lease typed without the typewriter ribbon. Sorrow and rowing boats on fire underneath, paddles made of locus wings and asbestos garb… Listening and wanting to be alone, alone and on a low New; […]