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RSSArchive for September, 2009

Round Rainbows

September 27, 2009 Round rainbows. How not to leap forwards when another jumps out of themselves? Not that you’re trying to catch them, instead, sometimes there’s an impulse to fill that void they’ve created by leaving their beating heart behind, suspended by the silks spun of conscience, so to pour one’s self into it out […]

All The Best To You

September 26, 2009 All the best to you Mirror of Reflecting Hearts, reflecting hearts of my mirrored mirror. The evening settles for nothing short of pitch darkness, no happenstance, no fooling around in awakened snake pits; a tarantula is seen walking on a field of open bare amethyst geode crystals, bound together airtight, not looking, […]

Weaponless Childhood

September 25, 2009 Weaponless childhood, meanings turning their heads, moaning, painting pelican beaks and the wingpits of broad gliding albatrosses, Clouds tossing Toss, dizzy Serendipity adjusting its wrist watch backwards, its shoes, opposite of one another, Distance up close, a pile of springless clothespins, a pile of orange glowing lichen, a low whisper, a high […]

Memories That Hang On

September 24, 2009 Memories that hang on, silver debris that leaves scratches in soft 14ct trash cans, piles of emeralds spread out on the road to ripen their rainbows, to spread them out like a child inspecting the curious webs between its fingers. Words left alone, curled up sleeping inside a geodesic ear, weaponless heart […]

An Ostrich Meets The Morning Sun

September 23, 2009 An ostrich meets the morning sun with its shed plumage drifting, sticking to the surface of a pond who has entertained a festival of exploding cattails for three thousand years. A bear yawns out the breath of three kills over the past night and a half, meeting the sun with mucous packed […]

Sweet Grass Earrings

September 19, 2009 Sweet-grass-earrings, wheat bracelets, conical immensities inside potent ginger roots stemming every which way… Thought-lessened heart aches, paint spilled and dripping sideways towards an ancient floor that’s now a wall, who was once a hopscotch game penciled out to become an Inn… The musicians echoing to save one another’s dream of being the […]

The Paper Trail

August 30 & September 17, 2009 Iquitos and Jenaro Herrera, Peru The paper trail: The trespasser with ease. Disappointment arrivals; then, the two hands quickly cover the face… Slow trembling exhales, a cough, a gesture of Fate, invisible to all except a star’s glance, a star’s mustering silver tinge, a hinge on a knob, a […]

There Are These Houses

September 4 & 16, 2009 Jenaro Herrera, Peru There are these houses, depths that divide, teeth within who sever trust untrodden, though ‘being there’ by path light, by the presence of moonlight, sunlight, a dog’s fighting bark and a watcher in a hammock with a flashlight. The romping whirlwind and the song by candlelight of […]