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RSSArchive for December, 2009

The Royal Gaia We

December 30, 2009 The Royal-Gaia-We step from these breathing glowing human-hued bodies. Sometimes footsteps and memories of one glass of milk satiating one thousand cats follows us love-mysteriously. These goings upstairs and downstairs, looking for either lock or locket undone, Steps making themselves by way of ocean-deep-green having landed contracts with the ore earthen wave-footstool […]

Wide Open Swan Eyes

December 27 & 28, 2009 Wide open swan eyes: it is early morning, the sun is hanging its hair across meadows who are pleasing grazing white cattle, weaving its loose lockets throughout vines, underground caverns and clay furnace shores… There was a time when gold lay on top of the ground, when gods pulled fruit […]

Holy Chanting Keyhole

December 26, 2009 Holy chanting keyhole, holy golden hinges, a door made of living flesh and calling, always calling for Creation, both of Earth and Ether, to enter/exit, and often regardless of the housekeeper’s love-feelings… Spirit domain and Soil remains, Songs and quietude settling into millworks holding the granite wheel steady… White mice, white flower, […]

Trust The Aspiring That Kneels

December 26, 2009 Trust the aspiring that kneels to the shinny, taunt fence line, Trust the dripping dry umbrellas, Trust the moment between snowflake and raindrop, Trust the brand new bent nail sparkling throughout its straight edged package, Trust the deceased echo that whispers wombs awake, Trust the shell-less turtle as it twirls in a […]

You Are Christmas

December 25, 2009 Lover, you are Christmas, the legend surrounding the one continuous heartbeat of a godly emanation, unnamed, untamed, unannounced and both husband and maiden. This breath and relaxation, this ease through which anger returns refreshed and unaided, yet, more ancient than dinosaur bones uncovered by the Anxious-to-find: I hold you in my heart, […]

The Riders Of Butterflies

August 19 & December 11, 2009 The riders of butterflies, the cat-whisker-pole vault, the restlessness of a young child’s best idea yet and the mission of one lost, plump Queen ant… Crocuses and bright orange melon-insides. Softly her glory dipped into what had mesmerized nations to claim war as their only way to get some […]

Thank You Night

December 8, 2009 Thank you Night, breasted Knight of this love, me, this, your, we, its, this again, a wrinkle clean knight. Hail to the summers that burn this plateau clean so that we can play wrestle the trees to sway with awe, and cream their maple syrup into buckets reflecting our looking into one […]

I Was Sleeping

December 5, 2009 I was sleeping, sleeping standing up in lagoons of desert wrinkled white lotuses, then something was at my side, a living ultramarine blue package from a deep-galaxy-hue, a mood surrounded by cardboard, wrapping paraded paper and a ribbon’s beauty sufficing only in the scissor-reflection who curled and trimmed it to fit upon […]