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RSSArchive for January, 2010

Self-light Deliverance

January 31, 2010 Self-light deliverance, he stands as the planets turn transparent and near to pin wheeled luminous… Understood Love slides away, while The Mystery pours new sand from the heavens upon a newly renovated Sphinx… Majesties and blue mirrors encircled by living dolphins drinking pink quartz crystal bathes… Fairies dressed in flutes singing, diving […]

Love? Yes

January 28, 2010 Love? Yes, all around, through you and white antelope grazing on moist gold blades of grass. A rainbow boy sitting in a circle, a collection of window panes in the shape of a spiral move out and away from his central position as ‘the son.’ Purple dyed trees start to reveal their […]

From Fingertips Composed

January 26, 2010 From fingertips composed of returning armies, From fingertips composed of returning waters, From fingertips composed of returning Graces… They, feminine and masculine heartbeats woven together to drum-cast through three breathing separate bodies settling down for the evening, keeping on the living, translucent-veined gowns of the ethereal moth spirits covering them. Trees older […]

Deep Bliss Spiral Nebulae Twilight

January 24, 2010 Deep bliss spiral nebulae twilight grey youth momentous likeness of a mood set to candlelight. Floating twig green mountains dripping gemstones, flagstones, new men and women, no birth cords; risen thrice sunset and a fourth birthing from a lone lark’s egg hatched song. New soil, ruby-emerald walking stick with antennae made of […]

Dampness Swept The Lunar Surface With Ease

January 20, 2010 Dampness swept the lunar surface with ease; clouds carried lanterns, lanterns gripped fuel-worlds made of liquid oil, set atop obsidian staffs suspended together indefinitely by gravity, love and freedom… Silver mushrooms were sprouting from biblical pages; these lime green leaflets grew from inside rims belonging to those impact craters’ tucked in, invisible […]

Welcome Woven Spirit-in-me Pendulum

January 14 & 15, 2010 Welcome woven spirit-in-me pendulum, welcome sunrise quilt with together-pockets of isolative majesty, welcome lover-iron-pinecone weight additions hanging from ether-strand chains subtly pulling time around and around by cocoon-hanging downwards, And thank you spirit essential undone from desks sensed as crowded in by Space where fairies reside crocheting with icicles thawing […]