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RSSArchive for February, 2010

There Is No Where To Go

February 28, 2010 There is no where to go, the heartbeat in the middle needs no beliefs in Up and Down. The weightlessness in the color pink, a yellow octopus holding Atlantis-jade flutes. Snow is piling up outside. A cabin, close up, bumblebees can be heard burrowing further into the cedar channels of nest love. […]

Quiet Landscape Rising You

February 27, 2010 Quiet landscape rising You. Where I recall, there’s nothing to be mapped. All line-designs reside in the clean whiteness of these eyes looking. God never makes the same thing twice. Where I recall, there’s nothing to be truly owned or truly donated, all is form to ether… God never makes anything to […]

Prayer Hands Multiplied – Visualization #20

February 26, 2010 Prayer hands multiplied across the horizon of the eyes and the holiest of prayers writing themselves backwards in the candlelight of transparent chests. Gold leafing taking place in the dark, while white bones open up to the scent of God’s breath like mimosa leaves in Dawn. The temple doors, ethereal and able […]

Seance Heartbeats

February 24 & 25, 2010 Séance-heartbeats. The glow of a fluffed up field of cattails as a sunset says ‘hello’ to the other half near its second morning. Séance heartbeats, This is where between heart-table and mind-table, love-hands holding a circle and thought-hands holding a circle, the blood carries the diaries of hundreds of strangers […]

Stillness Necessitated

February 23, 2010 Stillness necessitated, and immersed in movement, lover kissing the air, lover kissing the first memory of a forest awake. What gradually takes over is not, it dissolves into no solution, it dissolves into gradations that have no measure of ago or to come, it dissolves into the non-blazing and the non-blizzard, it […]

May What You’ve Gone Through Be A Prayer Of the Holiest Kind

February 19 & 23, 2010 May what you’ve gone through be a prayer of the holiest kind… The conjured youth of entering this earthly place called ‘place’ is an astounding, living pause. That there is even ‘youth,’ ‘middle’ and ‘old’ or Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter of a body said to be made of the very earth where […]

On The Precipice

February 16-19, 2010 On the precipice, taking a shower in one heartbeat, red hot pine cones whirl by, and silver feather-darts; green apples appear to catch them. No gravity here above this edge. There is the sound that a waterfall makes as its last overflow drip drops, a revelation of that body it was draping, […]

Laying In White Selenite Grass – Visualization #19

February 15, 2010 Laying in white selenite grass, bright red dragons, asleep, not dreaming; it is so powerful here that dreamtime cannot add or subtract. I see a circle of crystal clear girls holding hands, they are dancing and when their bodies happen to touch, the sound of chandeliers being rocked by pre-tornado winds can […]

I Loved It When

February 14, 2010 I loved it when you built the most exact copy of Noah’s ark that you could then imagine from a water tower filled, spilled of Lincoln logs. When peeling off the skins of lima beans with your concentrated teeth, so to get to a smoother sense of the lands of Dinnerlife, was […]

In Between Life and Death

February 12, 2010 In between life and death is the small cotton fibers floating from the string having snapped. Is the last exhale going forwards, dispersing, mingling and infusing. Is the countless counted gesture that lays the summit down at the hooves of suckling baby goats, too weak to look up. Is the pulsating cocoon […]