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RSSArchive for March, 2010

A Millioned-Armed-Choice

March 25, 2010 A millioned-armed-choice, to touch there or there? And God’s eyes wallpapered all over me. The color red in the eye, the bull’s eye and pointless darts, the excavation of a sentimentality-nest from the arm-bone that stored the most inside its hollow longing. Orange beaches, orange bath robes and orange trees. A campsite […]

It’s Endlessness Father

March 20, 2010 It’s endlessness father, yes, indeed, this is my legacy, seed to seed, endlessness father… Heart with four eagle wings, heart with fans to the sky, emitting rain and flame, heart with you, with you, with you. These are the pictures I did not frame, these are the volumes I did not speak, […]

Inviting The Chickadee

March 17, 2010 Inviting the chickadee to the cedar tree color, inviting the night to dawn into the Kaleidoscope’s closing eyelids and numerous shards of kissing just to begin rolling towards one picture yearning, while none except The Inside can see. A blind King, possessed with boredom, burning land deeds and money from what he […]

The Looker Sees – Visualization #21

March 17, 2010 The looker sees, and seas view the looker as one galaxy-drop in the ocean of God-endeavor. Sees invisible knitters creating the coverings of planets otherwise never seen for their insides. Sees amethyst pinecones being chewed into to open out for their diamond fruits by peach-chalk-squirrels. Sees strawberry grasses lifting up a new […]

Here, Take These God-Sentences

March 15, 2010 Here, take these god-sentences flowing with lymph and blood, and water and candleless cells, and burn them in the waterfalls of your requests for more requests, Here, rest on these ten thousand twelve soft pearls as your bed, And may a cool leaf from Krishna’s warm hand bless your sun burnt eyesight, […]

This Holy-Love-Life-Manuscript (Revised)

March 9, 10 & 11 2010 This holy-love-life-manuscript, weathered to itself and fading from these fingertips… Paradise is quiet white ash, a beach half an inch tall, a turquoise ocean laps against its shore, while this color is being perceived through the viewer’s reclined, crisscrossed, crystal clear feet, All is crystalline, all is meeting, burning […]

The Inextinguishable

March 7, 2010 The inextinguishable roaring fire of exhaustless love, a sort that brings the lover to the cliff side and when that height who bears looking up endlessly and down limitedly, enduring this simultaneously, sees the lover, it must jump off first, way beyond the Earth’s capability to say, ‘Stop’ and out of the […]

Prayer White

March 5, 2010 Prayer white: is that all of White, to be upon form, then flowing to love Forwards being molded as formless in a tube sitting still? Candle-I, holy-therein-witness suspended in front of the Solar-deity, the god of loss and god of retrieval, god of sentences and god of erasing, god of stuttering and […]

Breezes Across Webs Of Silken Rewards Passed By

March 2, 2010 Breezes across webs of silken rewards passed by, a breath, a handshake and a ‘bye’ without its luminous inflections. A snowflake melts into a tear, who then evaporates into a small fog that rises and collects again in a unit; not waiting, not planning, being sculpted through the bedroom music of clouds […]