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RSSArchive for April, 2010

I Thought You Might

April 30, 2010 I thought you might, then I awoke to myself saying ‘might’ to me, The night stepped out of a slumbering deep and found the stairs to that courtyard dreamed of covered in plastic lace and bird calls recorded on round black disks turning, turning, turning… There, departed sea chests breathing gold, starfish, […]

Great Grandmother Eakin

April 28 & 29, 2010 Great Grandma Eakin, it is the softness that wants to conjoin silk to rough stone as one we-smooth-surface that I sense. Walls are crumbling and roses are blooming in the rubble of these father and mother whispers, stories that do not want to be heard are being told to music […]

The Necessity And The Lateness

April 24, 2010 The necessity and the lateness, how storms are created and where their tales go afterward when silence replaces bricks wondering at their mortars, and calms that sort of laughter that breaks across rigid wallpapered walls, who follows after hearing survivors saying, ‘That wasn’t so bad.’ The rattle of an empty spoon in […]

God Cabins

April 23, 2010 God cabins lit up, buckets of ruby-coal and burnable petrified kindling are in place for the three year-night. A single gold balsa wood crow stands as sentry upon all the roofs, love-multiplying itself for the sake of… Living starfish hearths are warmly smoking, while sand kingdoms shift under my feet. I see […]

And She Did Dare

April 21 & 22, 2010 And she did dare, climbing finding that the stairs were already climbing too and nearly standing stiller than before she began what was called ‘she kept climbing till the stairs disappeared in exhaustion.’ And she found herself amongst the stars, not again or like before, or similar to a silk […]

Father, The Storm Is Almost Over

April 20, 2010 Father, the storm is almost over, the mustard greens have yet to go to seed, and the white poppies are spreading their wings in this downpour. The shellac-copper gutters are running smoothly without their prescribed downspouts and there are Labradors sparkling, their teeth luminous white against their bright blur of catching Frisbees […]

Three Wishes

April 19, 2010 Three wishes, 3 blind mice, the three pigs, a holy trinity, three bears, his number of magic beans, those wise men under a star, and one genie, the thresholds rising from alabaster stairways and into the winds of To-keep, a place and a knowing that all forms turn their heads to the […]

Enter Love

April 18, 2010 Enter Love. Seashells everywhere, comfort is blessed upon the blazing charcoal sand, then, the monarchs flap and graze deeply beneath Persephone’s hair. Yes, it is true, that the welcome can wear itself out before houses are built, so that the knowing ground will break easily free of the shovel’s conscience, while the […]

Breathing Glass Domes

April 17, 2010 Breathing glass domes, breathing glasses of water, breathing for the sake of not being able to believe the thoughts when holding the breath, breathing to hear the ears silently laying the silverware down into drawers made of rigid velvet; cabinets hewn from monolithic statues of garnet and vivid diamond hold these ever […]

The Soul Grows

April 15, 2010 The soul grows while lavender falls into tea now brewing, Pillows settle and coins roll underneath anything that’s taller than they are, Your mood, your colors in the dark, your plumage against this planet’s best, ‘swim, paddle with a Uriel feather, recall when the winding up of the flood waves were our […]