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RSSArchive for May, 2010

A Molten Soul Is Stepping (revisited)

May 29 & 31, 2010 A molten soul is stepping across fields of ice-acorns, twisted unread newspapers, diaries unlocked and making candles laugh out loud to shooting stars hidden behind storm clouds. Across these meadows roam buffalo herds composed of bright parrots, who are each belonging to a different kind of being-silent and that choose […]

There Are No Limits In This Raining

May 25, 2010 There are no limits in this raining, nor in how woven the landings’ surfaces get as storms tear leaves down in furious crisscrossing array, in dazzling sparks while lightning strikes through these Autumn masks being whisper-shattered to blend as one inferno, naked-disappearing-gathering. Do you hear the crows calling this day, ‘The Last […]

She Lives In And Is Made Of

May 23, 2010 She lives in and is made of… Rushing amber windmills, black retrievers carrying golden fleeces in their mouths, paws made of diamonds splashing in lava pools, exhaustion winking Saturn’s rings to slip off, out of marriages and into Just Now, Perfection pleading with amethyst oozing from its lips, ears, eyes, navel and […]

This Is That Kind Of Play

May 21, 2010 This is that kind of play… Together this heart and your earthbound landing, this ladder’s two feet kissing the ground to raise you higher to that rooftop where your parents sat with faces in hands and hearts in back pockets, That chimney’s expression of clarity-in-purpose by smoking, keeping the perfect home warm […]

Love The 3-Inch-Deep Swamp

May 20, 2010 Love the 3-inch-deep swamp, have mercy on those who drift with sails rolled up and bless the quicksand pits and tidal pools. Smell the applause, the menu it’s gathering from, the restaurant that’s open 24/7, the grin, the chuckle, who bring boredom with another’s impediment into entangled miles of flaming, lighting-the-way yarns… […]

Blue Overlays Dedicated

May 19, 2010 Blue overlays dedicated to sleeping orange feathers. Shadows of a certain woman are curled up in multiple, iridescent chambers of a single nautilus shell hung momentarily around the neck of a shipwreck who is dreaming, serving the drowned crew cups and cakes of air, When will she return for them? When will […]

Not Left Or Right Of This Storm

May 18, 2010 Not left or right of this storm, not in it or under or above it… This leaf’s maiden name? Call its end-of-story what you will, as it twirls from having been let go by something more than Birth and Time, By that being who resides in the seed’s design, its sacred-self before […]

Ethereal Keys

May 12, 2010 Ethereal keys are for solid locks, they pass through the stainless hairs of Steel, they pass through the green bowls of Copper’s almonds, Its hand to its brass lips, its other hand cupped, full of hard-iron water goes to its silver eyes, awakening to a sunrise bellowing with raining gold, platinum and […]

How I Planted Seeds In The Valley Of Death.

May 10, 2010 By Jaguar-daisy, Priestess of Moonlight and Sandcastles. How I planted seeds in the valley of death. I came from the land where zebra hides are stretched, where glasses of water cannot see the rain from where they came from because they are dry, Sand looms, camels loom, scorpions loom, We break away […]

That Day When Buddha Ceased

May 8, 2010 That day when Buddha ceased to be in human form, the rivers swollen with the birth of a full moon and a swarm of locus sitting peacefully on a stone wall stretching for hundreds of miles, Then the bird who simply sang all day long, prior to the passing away of him […]