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RSSArchive for June, 2010

The Voiced Glowing

June 26, 2010 The voiced glowing, a talked about wing, the hummingbird who soared towards a Hawaiian shirt drying on a clothesline that could perfectly kiss train tracks if it wanted to, These roots in his hands, a mule standing against an orange backdrop of foregrounds calling to one another to begin and a painter […]

Sometimes Moving About In The Same Place

June 22, 2010 Sometimes moving about in the same place can, from a distance, resemble a type of pause. To arrive at trusting God, the All-might and the holding in the lap of quilts made of those cocoons shed, covers on covers on covers, not for the sake of concealing and unwrapping in expectation, simply, […]

That Embrace Mentioned

June 18, 2010 That embrace mentioned, the deep purple smile of a May iris, you, joy, unwinding streetlight flicker, silence and then the sound of a dog dragging its chain at high gallop. It’s finally free, Final’s freedom from whimpering, begging God’s first beginning to pause eternal. That chain’s once chromed links, now sullen and […]

Pools of Forgiveness

June 5, 2010 Pools of forgiveness, continuance and forests of decisions that turn the cosmos around, The skipping of a stone across glistening lakes of new lava flow, rice beds and bowls of water balanced on their heads, Whispers of tridents and mermaids, pleasure, leisure and sureness, freedoms and clouds, this food the heart eats, […]