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RSSArchive for August, 2010

When God Walks

August 29, 2010 When God walks, the thirsty buffalo drink from crystalline ponds, when God walks, the hummingbird dives synchronously with all rainbows, all spilt pots of gold, all oysters hiccupping pearls, all effulgence, all chirping Welcomes who do not look to closed doors to lay their self-same monogrammed mats at… Then the chains rattle […]

All Of This

August 25, 2010 All of this is for ‘that’ amount of time. The partially hidden horses standing amongst the pines, the partially hidden music standing amongst what has not yet gathered itself as a chorus, the full disappointment that’s brought back inside the heart and churned into the sweetest butter, the sweetest butter that’s stored […]

What Had Said ‘New’

August 19, 2010 What had said ‘new’ to him suddenly did not age, seeing with worry, seeing with aging believed, seeing with complaint in place of banquet tables, seeing from the capped end of an empty bottle of favorite ‘I am tired of life’-exhales, All these looks are what bring Seeing-eye-dogs to grieve, There is […]

Inside That Timidity

August 9, 2010 Inside that timidity, that gone away fierceness, your eyes did not dim, instead, I watched them being something else, Like diamonds sinking beneath luminous God-soil, blinking closed and open, looking upwards beyond the lids of Time, beyond the proofs of this life, beyond the face they figured out on Day one contained […]