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RSSArchive for September, 2010

The Witch That Could Not Lie

September 29, 2010 The Witch That Could Not Lie Deeply earthy, down below where even Dwarfs do not bother to go, not because they’re afraid, simply, they’ve dung deep enough and know it, know it beyond shoveling-trophies and whispers of, ‘Not deep Enough.’ Past where waterworks commingle, past where the tallest buildings in the world […]

It’s Not So Much

September 24, 2010 It’s not so much what we were in the past; if the train leaving the station only relies on what was laid years ago, then the conductor is in for some bumpy surprises… Beyond the physical connection, there are holy questions, wonderments that stay hidden between being bored and being busy, being […]

God’s Pillow Is

September 22, 2010 God’s pillow is the fields of cotton, the determinism in the eyes of the gatherers to live, to prosper in telling the truth, and not the truth of the matter, the lives of those seamstresses who would sow with ruby thread if asked, the pattern maker’s diary who etches its wish list […]

He Believed What Could Not Believe Him

September 20, 2010 He believed what could not believe him, while bridges of great horned owl feathers grew from cliff to cliff, from jump to jump, from temptation to temptation, from horn to horn… Sentences crumbling between two golden clipper ship hulls softly running alongside one another, Beside the jump of a wave who does […]

Set Adrift

September 12, 2010 Set adrift on the back of a sea turtle, set adrift inside a bubble on the corner of a lip of God’s baby trying to talk, Mouth mumbling, hands fumbling, feet tumbling its body into a nebulae of forecasts for brightness, relentless stardom, fruitful letting go of shapes that contain their own […]

Movement & Rest

September 6 & 11, 2010 Movement and rest, while Death has no seat, no throne, no better wheel, rather, it possesses a Kingdom in God’s beating heart, a mightiness who paints lichen on boulders turning to dust, turning to soil, turning to greenery above the birthing egg-shell-whites. Slipping on this human garment as God’s Holy […]

She’s A Child Of God

September 1, 2010 A Hymn She’s a child of God who can make decisions that last, she’s a child of God who can make decisions that last, The wind does not answer the questions that keep arriving, the wind does not answer the questions that keep arriving, Beneath the stones, beneath the stones, inquiries coming […]