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RSSArchive for October, 2010

Yes, Everything Can Shift

Yes, everything can shift, just like that, and ‘that’ is not just ‘that’, it is a divinity, a cat in the hat that never yawns, it stays, like a sphinx upon the heart of heart’s sands and doesn’t know anything about places called ‘Egypt.’ It has roamed the pure white sands and blue skies for […]

Whatever It Takes

October 25, 2010 ‘Whatever it takes.’ said the lover to a field of contradictions chirping, just born, though no egg shells; these are butterfly chicks, painted with colors the rainbow sees when it goes hunting for rainbows. ‘Whatever it takes.’ said the tumor to the brain, to the soul taking flight inside the awe of […]

That’s Where It Began

October 24, 2010 That’s where it began, in the driveway of The Beloved where the tire tracks stopped in the snow & ice, where the snow ceased at the warm welcome mat merged eternally with the cooler concrete, where the smile disappeared when the sun went down while darkness hid the wake of laughter to […]

Silent White

October 19, 2010 Silent white crow, pulling at a corn tower unhusked, Silent white cobra, pulling at a hypnotized mouse’s mood to dance like the snake it wishes sometimes it was, Silent white snow, pulling at a lumberjack’s big toe to wake up before he’s buried alive from drinking spirits too deep, Silent white innocence, […]


October 19, 2010 Voice, then a call, voice again, then aging after one second has gone, voice, then a blue fence, another call, a stringless balloon stuck in mid air, an embrace, shyness, timidity that counts only on its pinkies and little toes, Backwards, then a stellar perspective, indweller, birth and a passage of a […]

Girl On A Leaf Raft

October 17, 2010 Girl on a leaf raft sailing by her father’s face in The Mountain. She’s so excited, saying with euphoria in her pronunciations, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy, it’s you, it’s you, it’s you… I am me, I am me, I am me… Jumping up and down, jumping up and down, for you, for you, […]

In Between Formation Of

October 14, 2010 In between formation of and the echo prior to voice, she and he dove from the Golden Tooth, dove from the diamond hippo’s birthday roost, dove from the beating dove’s suspended heart, gathering muscle, bone, blood, music to drum to and feathers in front of the Majesty’s unseated-smiling thrones. Fans, millstones, pinwheels, […]

God Bid Zero

October 10, 2010 God bid ‘zero’ and won everything. Significance searches and finds birth, birth departs and showers itself with lotus seeds sprouting, Sprouting riots ever so slowly, quietly under a tree, then, saplings. A bear smells the color orange for the first time and eats it in the dark. An eagle fidgets at dawn, […]

The Sun Is Rising

October 7, 2010 The sun is rising and it’s nighttime, a hermit crab has exited its too-small-shell and has latched onto a larger one; calcium suit, calcium suit. It’s nighttime on the moon and the earth is the moon’s moon, it’s daytime on the sun and the sun is it’s own book-light burning pages as […]

Be David

A guilty conscience will often build pride in the volunteer. Some elbow their way through a crowd to help, to be the first to aid the person who has not called for help, these are The Giants… Then, there are the Davids who present themselves to the injured and ask, ‘May I help you?’ Love […]