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RSSArchive for November, 2010

The Wish

November 29, 2010 The wish, then the separate conditions of renewal, the flame who stays bright beneath a roaring waterfall, the single glass slipper, that has no match, no left or right… Speaking out loud to crumble a blank piece of paper miles away, a 666 pound black panther with true-vertical teeth made of living […]

Through This Quest

November 28, 2010 I Love You Mom ~ A Hymn To You Through this quest, it has been the inquiries and answers who’ve all guessed wrongly; it is only in surrendering to your grace, your endurance and your guiding smile that has kept the fire of this heart beating. Slaying the battlefield, gathering planets to […]

Into This Settlement

November 20, 2010 Into this settlement called, ‘Unto you thy shadow kingdom will be lightness and freedom to be the you who is willed as you.’ As curtains set aflame become blue waves hung on mermaid fashioned rings that slide across retired tridents of Neptune. Then those blue birds with golden chests heaving forwards into […]

Across The Meadow

November 19, 2010 Across the meadow I saw him, then, something shifted, the land itself, trees themselves, mood, happenstance and forgetfulness, Limbs were dying from the bottom up, ‘That’s normal.’ commented a maple tree. And her playing, and ‘that way’ the creek danced beside her bedroom window after a Springtime deluge, The sparrows rowing in […]

There’s A Place Where

November 16, 2010 There’s a place where waves ceaselessly crash, there’s a place where caverns ceaselessly let in what never dreamed it would be in a cavern, there’s a place where rising up from a dream is the dream inside a dream lighting a sowing needle on fire so to hem the Sun’s rolled up […]

This Interior Hull

November 12, 2010 This interior hull belonging to the Ship of Love, often not withstanding as much as an errant feather, though cascading enormous successes as the Protectress from lonely comprehensions and compulsions who stride to stay put. This quake of sand, this pollen of stirring sunsets, the eyesight of stringing stars and faces who […]

To Bring The Glory

November 10, 2010 To bring the glory into heavy raindrops, the shed heavy moose horns, to place a hammock between two petrified giraffes facing the holy site where… That footstep first, then, the outlasting, nearing footstep, the one that’s about to indent, though instead it stops, waits in the air, is there, is there, is […]

Masks Of Make Believe

November 9, 2010 The mask of make believe, the pillars of salt and those who cannot turn back to look since they’re still in the burning city, peering out with faces aflame, rocking in chairs ablaze and crumbling, combing their hair with carbon fashioned just-that-way. The sequence of events, the happenings before Sequential had enough […]

When Asked

November 7, 2010 When asked, the mountain said nothing, when no request was made, avalanches wished for them, when asked, the mountain said nothing, when no rains came its summit turned into a volcano and conjured the appropriate clouds, when asked, the mountain said nothing, when no footsteps arrived then it moved across a continent […]