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RSSArchive for December, 2010

In The Midst Of The Reunion

December 31, 2010 In the midst of the reunion, the On-switch, a laugh out and a cry in, An apple in a doe’s mouth, an evergreen covering a faun’s yawn, a pine cone on the beach, a sand dollar hiding a roll of pennies, A dock stretching for miles and hewn from one piece of […]

In This Castle Courtyard Called ‘You.’

December 28, 2010 In this castle courtyard called ‘you.’ Where crystal Christs and Madonnas rise from seeds made of fingerprints who overlap out of customary patience, not rushing, not change, not knots… What ‘you’? Where did ‘home’ come from? And an egg who holds the birth of crackling shards of light? The rejoicing and a […]

The Holy Guesswork

December 22, 2010 The holy guesswork: the settling gates of Heaven who do not settle for ‘maybes,’ the hovering doors to shade kingdoms and the luminous hair of mermaids blinking awake with black pearl eyes and seashell blushed skin. What we’re accustom to, then the sand that stings the eyes for a moment till the […]

On The Steps Of December

December 17, 2010 On the steps of December he stood; rain licking itself all over, a kingdom of watery oval felines disappearing into fields of sway-sleeping oat and barley mice. Footsteps of a maiden three thousand years old, and a clipper ship following behind her like a dog, with Saturn’s rings in its mouth. And […]

This Sun Setting Moon

December 16, 2010 This sun setting moon, that moonlit sun, the fever who reveals the resurrection of perfectly living mistakes, The gemstone who steps down from the ring and demonstrates to the ocean where God lays his head, Among the facets of diamond chips who array the floor, who by giving themselves a trillion sixteen […]

Because He Nearly Failed

December 10, 2010 Because he nearly failed… Sticks of butter flirting with cylinders of dynamite, landscapes obsessively searching out to hug landmines, lutes blushing in their handheld mirrors, imagining what bullets would feel like moving through their harmonies, while quicksand pits moaned far out loud, wanton toward sandcastle-building-patience. White butterflies breaking open their chrysalises early, […]

This Was His Vision

December 6/7, 2010 This was his vision: the shinning, no, glowing white buffalo were standing in the dark, no, stood under ink hued water, Beneath their hooves legions of arguing, stressing Vikings stirred and thrones made of seaweed, salt-blocks and tridents bent into carpenter angles were, welded together by blue-fish-scaled maidens, cousins to mermaids, though […]

In Case That Changes Something

December 3, 2010 ‘In case that changes something.’ the cherub replied, as a shipwreck listened carefully to the coral, to the octopi, and to the partly submerged cacti while rain tore and tore apart books, wills, testaments and treaties… While a grandfather clock stood, chiming two o’clock on a hook. Desperation inside a spiral galaxy’s […]