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RSSArchive for January, 2011

Sentence Atop Sentence

January 28, 2011 Sentence atop sentence, then the sleeplessness having dove into a blue emerald dove and set winged-Noah free among the airs. Star to star, chin to chin, lover to lover, and lonesomeness to someness. Living, holding the unbent staple, releasing, grasping the droplet of untouched rose oil, blessing the deaths of rebirth, kissing […]

Somewhere Feathered With Golden Sprinkles And Elves’ Ghee

January 26, 2011 Visualization #? Somewhere feathered with golden sprinkles and elves’ ghee, between Who Has and Has No Who an old man stands riding a calmly flaming charcoal elephant named ‘Ghoo.’ This mammoth is also composed of reoccurring children’s drawings and chiming school bells, signaling their spirits to return upon Earth specifically, not later, […]

Blessing Blends and Curse Singles Out

January 25, 2011 Blessing blends and Curse singles out, oceans twirl and dervishes stand still amongst hills of sweet corn, citrine wheat and moonflower seeds, welcoming seagull appetites to shine in this darkness and wine to overturn in this zero gravity of subzero-Love’s certainty, Lightness shines on the homeless smile, heaviness burdens the armor forger […]

The Rivers Jordan and Euphrates

January 25, 2011 The rivers Jordan and Euphrates streaming from your eyes, the laughter of returning, the smiles of these rocks dancing, here and you, there and what will be, silence. The opening dawn and diamond fawn, the closing of a promise’s pregnancy by the birth of Love’s action and song, a mermaid’s shedding of […]

Cloud Cover Carrying A Makeshift Umbrella-Balloon

January 15, 2011 Cloud cover carrying a makeshift umbrella-balloon, a ball of clover and the sun setting a cup of snowflakes down beside a plate of cold planets wanting moons, A corner of a world laughing at God’s jokes, a corner of the universe twisting into a dragon’s dream, a roof of Eternity collapsing in […]

Half A Dozen Of One And Six Of Another.

January 6, 2011 Half a dozen of one and six of another. This Eden who is never finished; awaken children and look around, this soil is from creators of deeds, debts and determined souls, Both Heaven and Hell spawn here in this most rare garden, Gaia, the navel of the Creation-sphere, the mating place of […]

As The I Am

January 2, 2011 As the I Am, then the, ‘No one is left.’ The, ‘I am not sorry, because I’ve done my best to love this disappearing world of astral wealth, of physical well-being and endless blessings of grape, cinnamon, embryo and burying riches…’ The diary of an ice skating rink’s surface, an adhesion of […]