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RSSArchive for February, 2011

The Thimble And Needle

February 28, 2011 The thimble and needle, her wrinkled hands holding them, steadied, thinning, daily counted as a blessing to serve the smile who is needy, the body that has wore its cotton touchdown points away and faintly into its smooth skin, while a ladybug ascends from her frothy birthplace, knowing the air as scales […]

As The Sunshine Is

February 27, 2011 As the sunshine is, so is cave darkness. The pineapples and the deep sea encrusted swords, the pumpkins and scattered owl pellets at the base of Modoc territory, the new saddle and a pony not ready yet, Anticipation of loss is not participation in love, giving can never be taken away, The […]

What I’ve Done For You Is

February 25, 2011 What I’ve done for you is lift the blue from Sky, clearing a way for your leap into what began color, Is bring down Moon so you can touch it and see oceans tower around you like temple pillars, like statues of wise sages with sweet steam rising from their lips, where […]

To Call

February 24, 2011 To call, to understand that the reign of heaven is in each differentiated snowflake, one unlike another, each solitary and unconfined to the acceptance-celebration of uniqueness and blessing, To be this, to have been that, to step where, then to turn around and spill universes of pearls upon the ground, To let […]

The Attraction To The Beloved

February 23, 2011 The attraction to The Beloved, the thistles and the weeds, those neglected and those medicinal, this lamplight that whistles tunes who enlighten the flame to burn further on, The onyx snowman wearing yellow overalls and diamond suspenders, those rainbows that do not bend, these footprints who hold the foot and say, ‘Stay, […]

This Is The Forest

February 20, 2011 This is the forest, this is the meadow, this is the river and this is the desert who points with nervous gracious certainty to the wet lips of its lover above. This is a bowl, it was a turtle’s umbrella, this is a spoon, it was a lotus seed nursery, this is […]

There’s A Certain Baby

February 19, 2011 There’s a certain baby that angels visit and faint over, there are blindfolded handmaidens and handgrooms whose business it is to carry the celestially-feathered off into the forest, laying them down gently, while great cosmic grizzly bears (one to an angel) wrap their hugs around them, talking them back into angelic reality, […]

Not Going Backward

February 17, 2011 Not going backward, these beautiful prints are too fresh and the petrifaction too obvious, To tease Death to rise, to dig up a tulip in full bloom so to bury its color and show the tendernesses of its bulb a sun? The fire has died down to a simmering, the meals are […]

What Is This World Coming To?

February 15, 2011 What is this world coming to? It’s coming to you. The ducks are in a row, the row boat is in the water, the water is frozen solid and the paddles are made of Immortal Rainbow Flames, The fisherman is a blue diamond golem, his family lives in a locket worn by […]

She Sat Down

February 15, 2011 She sat down, hummingbirds flew into her hair, lions leapt into her ears, platoons of archangels marched into her chest, rolling monsoons adrift, settled upon her lips softly singing noon into midnight and Sunday backwards to zero, Ocean lakes stood up and wore dresses of kelp and whale lace, dolphins hung upon […]