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RSSArchive for March, 2011

Red Ruby Mermaid

March 30, 2011 Red Ruby Mermaid. transmission From the breathless bottom of the galaxy’s mostness, the description of this unthimbled kingdom, sewing needles assured with the pace of God-yearning, fragrances of the Sufi feasts of the heart, the turnabout of ecstatic love; do not make love to warning signs. The loss is the gain of […]

There Was A Boy

March 30, 2011 There was a boy who grew to hide inside a man; empty mason jars, a sunlit home, a downstairs and a roof, a garage and a spacious kitchen, a dream and a worth secretly celebrated, moments outlasting hate, joy and the Wraith of Kinda, Sorta and Maybe, The unicorn who became two […]

Can It Be Said?

March 27, 2011 Can it be said? ‘No’, answered the stone softly, ‘It cannot, you must simply walk it’s course till it fades in front of you. Sand was once a stone and will form new ones, silt was once human beings and will form others, It will be what it will be and a […]

The Lily And The Clover

March 23, 2011 The lily and the clover, the calmness before a storm, the worried sorrow blooming into a beginning-sequoia, A candle burning in the lap of a Cherokee skeleton, silver and turquoise invested from toe tip to top of its smiling skull, residing in a pure diamond cave the size of any world it […]

Archangel Michael. 2

March 22, 2011 Archangel Michael The Kingdom belongs to the deeds of Freewill’s power; the cage of God’s creativity is always open, it has no door, no bars, no perch, no hanger or hook, the ‘cage’ is that of Holy-discernment and aided power of will. Force allows the Kingdom of All to be that much. […]

The Barbed Wire Girl, The Grey Elf And The Mushroom Benders

March 20, 2011     Winds blew and nothing could be seen, though plenty was heard outside tumbling, bumbling, crashing, smashing and crisscrossed pathways clinging to a song sang upside-down and rolling, shattering away to a crackling seized in the air, wrapped in the necklaces of thunder and racing, hitting an old weathervane, fusing it […]

Listening At The Mouth Of A Cave

March 18, 2011 Listening at the mouth of a cave, The Last Time manifests as a patch of buttercup flowers with one beam of sunlight dedicated to them, forever here, the rest is blurry, the rest is restless and torn down, as the new moon sacrifices the full wheelbarrow for the renewal- space that’s gained […]

It All Started With That Field

March 18, 2011 It all started with that field, where they dug an unneeded well, for the sake of depth, a stone circle and to mark their effect, At night peacocks would visit and drop stones into its deep waters, filling it up by morning, they could feel the song coming, Soon an iron door […]

A Kiss Goodnight

March 17, 2011 A kiss goodnight, jewelry taken off, clasps closed in the dark, diaries by the tens of thousands marching on fire through canyons made of quartz and diamond, Shoes tied neatly without feet inside, clothes laid aside, bodies draped over clocks stopped, souls laying down, very alive, not new to being one, A […]

One Paragraph Of Love

March 16, 2011 One paragraph of love: The softness of a white crane’s feathers and the welcome in a womb’s carefulness. A living anything, a flowing anything, whatever touches and can be touched and the whispering of dreams in that sensational being’s ears and soul. Happiness rising in steam to meet the drenched-wept clouds and […]