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RSSArchive for April, 2011

One Day A Young Man Came To Where Hafiz Was Sleeping

April 17, 2011 One day a young man came to where Hafiz was sleeping and said, “WAKE UP old man, come on, get up, you’ve got to come see this, the magnitude, the glory and the wonder I’ve found!” Hafiz opened one eye and replied, ‘I saw you coming, what is it?’ The young man […]

Scarlet Scorpion Princess of the Double Alligator Crown

April 12/13, 2011 Scarlet Scorpion Princess of the Double Alligator Crown Seeing is believing as the human being peeps from its womb exit, whether it is belly or vagina. Seeing is believing: inside believing lives so much for the soul who is a human, for Time advertises the person to Fate and the Universe’s uses, […]

In The Quiet Of A Rose’s Effort

April 6, 2011 In the quiet of a rose’s effort, a dawn loosens the shield and blackness rushes out to drink in the rowers of boats who’ve sunk thousands of years ago though are still trying to reach trophies, like donkeys to the carrots on strings they’ll never taste. Lamps of uneven flow, forgiveness of […]

Recalling The Waterfalls

April 3, 2011 Recalling the waterfalls who hid avenues of living crystals and sprouting gold, recalling those sonnets that leapt without words clothing them, into ears made of alive nautiluses and dancing bodies molded from rainbows, Then, evaporation and quietness, boundary lines and smoothed over sand fortresses, galloping bear clans and black wolf packs roaming […]