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RSSArchive for May, 2011

The White, Fairy-Tended Rose

May 28, 2011 The white, fairy-tended rose, the well water running, the pages of a book turning by itself while flat on a table floating down a curly river, A glass of water make believing it’s a refreshment tower for a kingdom of sand, yet not letting its contents go to see if any of […]

Gusts Of Pollen

May 27, 2011 Gusts of pollen filled wind hurried her across the field (the day was calm inside a hollow tree). Twin rivers roared in the distance as they crisscrossed one another and negotiated thousands of granite slabs from a prior evening’s fallen temples forty-six months ago. The avalanche was sounding and chickadees were nervous. […]


May 22, 2011 Underwater ~ Into the ship’s hull a sunflower with legs roams, though it’s original boards are gone, the outline remains as a stairway for such spirits and kindred maidens wearing their crowns of perfume and blossoms, Echoes remain as their gardens sink into the smile of yesterday only ever saying, ‘Yes!’ And […]


May 21, 2011 Touch; a turtledove and ladybug meet, abandoned wagons listen to sunset, sugar spilt out upon a black sand desert and Meaning writing sentences with an eraser, The grass is tall, the tiger is deeply sleeping, the butterfly hunter is eager and has no idea where he’s about to step, Angel-less wings, a […]

To Let Me Stay

May 17, 2011 ‘To let me stay.’, sighed the cricket, ‘To let me stay.’ And the robin passed it over, and the chickadee passed it over, and the snake ridden by a lizard passed it over. It did not chirp that night, being too busy packing its musical scores up and erasing everything, the era-sing-ing. […]

Openness, The Smile Of The Living

May 12, 2011 Openness, the smile of The Living, the open mouth of a child in awe, the open mouth of the grand canyon in awe, The smooth diamond they call, ‘In the rough.’ The smooth sand surface and the walking it takes to span the beach of any nightingale’s sonnet, A twisted net left […]

Out In The Green Leaves

May 11, 2011 Out in the green leaves her white hair listened, hearing the pine needles whispering, hearing the shadows soaring to the sun, releasing those tear drops the oceans had borrowed to call themselves, ‘seas’, Out in the green-acorns the chatter was real, the conversations were blue with dolphin-turquoises, blue with quiet babies and […]