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RSSArchive for June, 2011

Returning Home

June 26, 2011 Returning home, he knelt down at the doorstep to pick up a note, it read, ‘I am returning by 8 PM; please have my bed ready.’ He could not understand, he’d been living here by himself for eighteen years and owned only one bed, there were no others. He took the note […]

Blue Wallpaper

June 25/26, 2011 Blue wallpaper and blue mountains, up close and far away, blue leaves and white trees, ruby owls with golden legs and sassafras tea dripping beaks, Praying mantises wearing bible capes, aprons and hinged V-shaped mittens, holding steady hollow crowns filled with the firmed flowing upward milk of Love’s ‘Yes’ and Love’s ‘Always’, […]

Care For The Story

June 19, 2011 ‘Care For The Story’, this was the Paint’s way of spelling Where-to-go, this is the name of that boat she saw rowing itself in the sky’s ocean, a dance of two paddles that all of Echo quieted down to listen to, a translucent place where gardens plant gardens to see just how […]

He Was Freed

June 13, 2011 He was freed, by the tough love from an elder; to see himself he had to look away from the sun and the moon and the solar system, into the eyes of What Works, into the lips that quiver with deep certainty that little shy smiles are more his style than deep […]

Go To The Cabin With Round Windows

June 10, 2011 Go to the cabin with round windows, look at the pathway, each forward stepping stone is your own footprint pointing towards you, you’re moving though it’s not you who brings the motion, a great white rose has stepped down from the moon and is carrying you, in a golden pail, you’re the […]