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RSSArchive for July, 2011

Compassion For The Desperate Of Appetite

July 24, 2011 Compassion for the desperate of appetite, The mirror looking at its heart in a mirror, The love and the amour, The amour and the adore, The adore and the lord, The lord and the dove, The dove and love. Envelopes filled with envelopes, The magic of the white rabbit, The piano, The […]

Goddess Of Night

July 20, 2011 Goddess of Night: Good morning, washed in the sunlight that’s your moonlight now, white dragons reversed-tanned by what’s never seen blue skies, nor green grass, colors that are always the same hue, grey or gray, stupendously beautiful or gorgeous; crows do not eat corn at night, though the rodent princesses and princes […]

Crumbling, Rumbling

July 16, 2011 Crumbling, rumbling, rum and mumbling, mums, summons and lingams circled round campfire moonlight, Shiva, a blade of grass, a blade of steel, a blade of love, and a blade of being what guards the guard dog, Listening ears so beautiful, so pointed and right, A cotton-white skeleton dancing with pregnant fairies weaving […]

Step, Step, Step

July 15, 2011 Step, step, step, Near the trees who are him and his, her and hers, Alabaster filled avalanches crisscrossing hummingbird feathers, Dusk lassoing her eyelashes as Eden rises from the ashes of mailing houses, meaning and what ‘feels right’ though isn’t destined to be subsidence, The laughter, the kindness and potted blue roses […]

The Wind, A Whisper

July 12, 2011 The wind, a whisper, the boon of dripping plenitude and the way that crisp autumn leaves tumble across a sleeping, once leaping with fawns, battlefield, across a cross lain down, across the sunken battleship and that now waterless ocean who bore it forward to bear such births from guns who indicate only […]

Blankets Of Nesting Swans

July 10, 2011 Blankets of nesting swans, warmly lit desks of completed plain paper, miles of cotton blossoms, snow white sunflowers cascading ivory honey, the justice of springtime rain, the embers of the Orange Queen, the on-fire-ness of swordfish mating, this nest of broken wagons covered in subtle avalanches of emeralds and diamond figurines of […]

Frank and Matilda

July 7-8, 2011 It was a day, similar to another, though not just… Frank had begun several weeks ago digging, he was digging allot, some would say ‘way too much for a man his age’, others would suggest he was random, others that he was ‘just working something out’. A kind of curious twitchy-tension hung […]