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RSSArchive for October, 2011

A Chapter From ‘Rachel’s Enchanted Forest’

October 22, 2011 Saturday morning: there on Rachel’s desk lay three words sleeping; little puffs of white cotton clouds and streaks of living-lightning encircled them, cradling, seeming to protect their ease-at-heart and fragile tender spelling. Rachel inhaled and exhaled slowly, she’d witnessed these three before, though never in this way, it was on this day […]


October 20, 2011 Night, the cliff owl that glides, Life and Death’s lid-lifter, giving to the sky its silky skeleton covered in covers of feathers too soft for Comfort to wish into fortresses of ‘Om’ anything more than as More stands, besieged by itself, surrounding itself as a crowned crowd in one, The cliff owl […]

Fairy Queen Mother Of All Fairies

October 7/8, 2011 Fairy Queen Mother of All Fairies I am the million brained Mother of all fairies, each of my brains is a mind dedicated to my man; I am the wife of a million celibate men, I am the cradle of their dreams, I am the womb-forgiveness, I am the permission granted by […]