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RSSArchive for November, 2011

Love Works In Mysterious Ways

November 28, 2011 Love works in mysterious ways. One day Mr. Sunny awoke and grumbled loudly, waking his dog, who then habitually moaned, readjusted himself in a ball and fell asleep, again. “Oh, oh”, said Mr. Sunny, “No, no.” Then the alarm went off and Mr. Sunny grimaced, “Why do I always wake up before […]

Prairies Of Prayers

November 27, 2011 Prairies of prayers, vast and long lasting, The air fairies, the soil sonnets rumbling and flowers to promise blossom to color and roots to leaves, Sweetness roaming along the rims of volcanoes wearing a wedding gown of golden smiles, shinning, diamond toothed and lava tongued, calling one nameless name, pulling and lulling […]

The Newborn

November 20, 2011 Druids surrounded The Newborn, while trees, with their green-attached-kites dove naked as naked could be into Sunlight’s golden love, showering the child with oxygen-lullabies, The Gathered Together left a pathway cleared for the infant’s eventual walk, the radiant-skinned, silver as quicksilver running across a smooth surface as a joyful legion of spheres […]

The Butterfly And The President

‘What makes me this to you Mr. President?’ said the butterfly. And he smirked, knowing for sure that it must be a trick, since butterflies do not speak. ‘Here, let me take these off.’ And the butterfly’s wings dropped to the ground and turned to ashen pages. Was it those? My wings and their designs, […]

The Rain God

November 18, 2011 The Rain God, Swelling waves, lightning wrapped winds, emerald breasts stirring deep beneath original-Atlantis who permanently stands solar systems away, deer brushing their bellies against the top-wires of fences, they know where to go, Long, red haired triton-sisters tending to an ancient aquatic dragon’s needs, flowing with him, surrounding his eyes like […]

Later Knocked On Eternity’s Door

Later knocked on Eternity’s door dressed as a salesman: Eternity answered his call, not because she came to the door, but because she was/is the door. She immediately said, “I’ll buy it all. Oh, wait, what are you selling?” And Later replied, ‘Later, I’ve got allot of Later.’ “Well, like I said, I’ll have it […]

An Eagle On The Verge Of Tears

November 12, 2011 An eagle on the verge of tears, An eagle on the verge of tears, To feel this way and be one, To feel this way and be one, To sing this before-ancient song, To sing this before-ancient song, To belong to the shortest breath in time, To belong to the shortest breath […]

This Insistence

November 11, 2011 This insistence, in this light that always is, there is no ‘On’ of ‘Off’ or ‘Off’ of ‘On’, no ‘She loves me Not’ or ‘She loves me’, there is ‘Me’ and ‘She’ though, and Love, No tearing apart of blossoms to prove some point that’s better left to becoming sumptuous curves when […]

In That Direction The Petal Flew

November 7, 2011 In that direction the petal flew, in that direction the petal came to stand still, in that direction the petal revealed itself to the rising sun as a white one, a daisy-child, Its presence attracted a snowflake, then a storm, soon it was frozen deep beneath a fluffy wintery drift, listening to […]

I Am The Silver Laden, Breathing-Chainmail Queen

May 14, 2011 “I am the silver laden, breathing-chainmail queen, Black Cobra listening at the train tracks for skeletons who have no names, I am the silver laden, breathing-chainmail queen, Black Cobra listening to the Takers not giving back, I am the unraveler of revenge, the garden mistress of Reason-forgiveness, This unity, This unity, These […]