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RSSArchive for December, 2011

Nighttime Marched

December 26, 2011 Nighttime marched, as the speckled lamplight-glasses flickered on and off, their flaming heartbeats knitting warm clothes for their soldiers, Smiles had ideas that spooked frowns, and clowns stopped clowning around and held onto their sense of humor as if it were their souls’ last breaths, New trees snapped their fingers to the […]

The Sounds Of The Merry-go-round

December 26, 2011 The sounds of the Merry-go-round, her fingers touching youth, then an elder’s cane, then a footpath where she began to stand up to, then sat back down beside, The tigress that passed by, looking left and right, carrying a newborn in her mouth, her coat drenched, though no rain came to where […]

It Was From Inside A Mountain

December 26, 2011 It was from inside a mountain that her first breath was formed, then the Earth’s first stream flowed, then all its trees grew deeper roots, then its swans laid their first eggs and those eggs hatched and their fledglings taught the first lotuses to swim with the first darkest of the first […]

Rachel’s Enchanted Forest (excerpt)

Rachel pulled at the ground and the ground groaned, ‘No, no…’ And Rachel said, ‘Yes, yes…’ And as she tugged really hard a snow lynx stepped in front of her and began to purr. ‘You’re tempting me aren’t you?’ said Rachel with a stern sorta smile and the snow lynx groaned, ‘No, no…’ And Rachel […]

The Quiet Toadstool

The quiet toadstool, the dripping of Spanish moss, the evergreen glistening in dawn rays, the eyes of a birdsong waking, the salamander stirring and diving deeper down, the old woman reaching for an egg underneath a sleeping hen, the new grass pointing up, the granite chips removed to spell a name, the silent cricket, the […]

One Unusually

One unusually fine morning an Atheist stumbled, no, tripped over a fairy and replied, “Where’s your proof, your proof?” And the fairy smiled and kept sowing a crack that an earthquake had made back together again. The Atheist had twisted his ankle good and was going nowhere very quick… The fairy turned to him and […]

The Way The Door Opened

December 10, 2011 The way the door opened, the way it was left that way when its hinges fell in love with a traveling salesman and left, secretly flapping near his footsteps as he and you traveled deeper and deeper into the tiger filled forest of the white birch trees and the green fevers of […]

Happening Upon

December 7, 2011 Happening upon a disheveled fairy, the young knight saw her struggling to polish a spot on the floor of a great temple, that her hands were bleeding and her breath erratic, sweat dripped from her forehead and she sobbed a little from time to time. The young knight placed his hand on […]

The Way

December 4, 2011 The way her eyes stayed fixed on his actions, the way that Decision held fast to its Queen of Everlasting Concern, the way the moss stood still in the hurricane of her heart blazing underwater while it dove beneath the ocean to lift the forsaken souls out of their slumber, the fleece […]

Rachel. December 2. 2011

As Rachel was just about to finish her drawing of a heart it occurred to her that it is both a cobra and birth canal.  Rachel paused, while the ink spread itself thicker and thicker across the linens of point-stopping.  Rachel began to hum and butterflies came to her window seal wanting to listen…  Rachel […]