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RSSArchive for 2012


Twilight, lamplight, forgiveness and necessity. The Merry-go-round, the pink footsteps of a baby pixie wondering off into the land of winged catfish and living seesaws. This reason, that reaction, this song, that happening. The awakening and the pulse in the wrist turning that key that’s whispering, ‘Here I come, Do not duplicate, here I am, […]


Amanda had poured her father’s ashes out upon the Autumn ground the night prior, as he had instructed her to do so on his deathbed; it was cold that evening when Samuel, followed her in from outside, his whiskers being covered in ice and his breathing rapid after having caught a mouse. ‘Over there with […]

Voiceless, She Stepped

November 23, 2012 Voiceless, she stepped, then paused, ethereal bears tumbling over underwater tree trunks looking for spirit honey bee rewards, Life-filled she breathed out vibrancy into the waters of kinship and pliable majesticnesses, her hands warmed by the companionship of twin unicorns with gills, Dreaming, sent to the Earth’s surface from Gaia’s garden-mind, she […]

The Rainbow Rode Out

The rainbow rode out, the sky scrappers were beginning to fill with the buzzing of tropical honey bees and quiet, predawn macaws, waiting like roosters to siren-sound the soul to beat its heart a little faster, to rise and grip the land of the living with Eternal eyes and smokeless fire. As the rainbow turned […]

An Emerald River

November 22, 2012 An emerald river began to speak and the naked hummingbirds crept out of their crystalline caves to watch its waters rise, till to the edge of their lairs did it ebb and flow, then it touched their skin, covering them in iridescent feathers from head to toe. Next, from its waters rose […]

The Hermit Crab

November 20, 2012 It was early morning and I was the ‘fly on the wall’, a hermit crab had just left its shell and was talking to an empty shell buried deep beneath the sand. “Why did you leave so soon, we just met?” said the crab to the shell. And the shell responded in […]

He Was Listening

He was listening, then a bridge visited his mind’s eye and holding out a wedding ring, married the eye and as the eye looked and looked, weeping tears of elation and excitement, coral reefs quickened their pace, building layers and layers of themselves upon newly surfaced sections of the Titanic, The bridge connected the two worlds that the […]

The Story

October 6, 2012 The story began as dolphins leaped and starfish shook hands, real starfish-hands, not make-believe ones, we’ve entered that already very real place, where dents are ears listening to the anger that conjured them nearer. We’re that close to God’s window right now and always, in the silence of a dandelion or siren […]

I Heard You

September 30, 2012 I heard you and did not enter back into your life in my ‘usual way’, not because I did not care, I wanted to see how the silence between us would unfold, how it would treat me, I wanted to see where the loss of trust in us would take me when […]

Youth Playing Beside A Quiet Creek

September 29, 2012 Youth playing beside a quiet creek, lightly a mantis lands on a sleeping girl’s hand, and an owl hoots far off in a distant land where mice are lords and crosses are cranes flying, not crucifixions, There’s a smooth stone and it’s rolling aside to make room for his heart to shine […]