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RSSArchive for January, 2012

Blue Diamonds To Kali

January 27, 2012 Blue diamonds to Kali, Blue diamonds to Kali, Blue whales to keep Kali’s feet company while sifting through the sands of time, Blue whales to keep Kali’s feet company while sifting through the sands of time, Blue eyed children to laugh and play in the white feather garden of Kali’s immortal delight, […]

The Bucket And The Well

January 26, 2012 The Bucket and the Well A child fairy was just starting to unfold into its innate powers when one day it heard two something’s talking to one another. It couldn’t discern at first who they were until it flew closer and sat on the edge of an old well’s round rim and […]

I Am The Gypsy Wagon Who Understands

January 25, 2012 I am the gypsy wagon who understands how to put wheels on your agonies associated with fixedness, I am the river running behind you, keeping my pace by your inhales and exhales, I am the ‘thank you’ hiding inside the ‘No thank you’, I am also the smile shinning bright moonlight on […]

I Am Not Holding Out For You

January 25, 2012 I am not holding out for you, I’m holding in, and this is not just any ‘in’, this is a marvelous Inn, the sort that cuts ‘No Vacancy’ signs down like dangerous, long-thorn-weeds when they grow up that pole who is eternally shinning ‘Vacancies’. I am the frog croaking as cannons destroy […]

The Mouse And The Coconut

January 24, 2012 One day a man saw a little mouse struggling to carry a coconut. The man scratched and pulled at his head and hair, saying, ‘Hey mouse, why are you trying to carry a coconut?’ The mouse strained, panted, cried a little, tore his little paws on some gravel tugging and lifting, lifting […]

You Say

January 23, 2012 You say, ‘Look at this’, handing me a newspaper, I say, ‘Look at this’, handing you a magnifying glass in the dark, You say, ‘You’ve gotta see this!’ And I say, ‘You’ve got a bear trap on your ankle and the chain is a raging cobra with four heads and its pregnant […]

I Am Walking

January 23, 2012 I am walking and Walking sticks cheer me on, I am waking and pillows adore me deeper, I am wax paper wrapped around candles on fire, I am the campfire where campfires go to tell stories, I lay down and God covers me with rainbows saying, ‘Be my empty pot of gold’, […]


Outside the raging inferno the absolutely exhausted fireman sat shaking with exhaustion, dehydrated and waiting for refreshment; burned, singed, blistered and nervous, beaten down by the house’s devastating will to burn its contents to ash, he looked up and suddenly something occurred to him that had never happened before, his vision became magnified and it […]

Motel Shakespeare

I am watching as this quietest of love rises in thy best western skies, This one roundabout, this, the obit of your eyes, Seeing you basking, moving from within this holiday in myself, Gesturing, aligning the plumb bobs of giving up this imagined waiting-for-love stealth, Listening at the pub, remembering, as Howard Johnson tells his […]

The Whispers

The whispers, the seashells dedicated as your ears, the greens who married grasses, the blossom who was more than Some, the breathing and the smiling, the touch and the impress, the image and the address, the heart and the shyness, the entrance and the clouds of everlasting roominess.