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RSSArchive for February, 2012

I Am Wanting

February 23, 2012 “I am wanting.” said gently the whiskers to the nose, “I am understanding this that I’ve found.” said gently the nose to the wanting whiskers, “I am drawing boundaries and eradicating boundaries.” said firmly the cat’s eyes to the supporters flanking and in between, “I am determining the justifications of my appetite […]

In The Lamplight Of This Purity

February 23, 2012 In the lamplight of this purity, sandstorms frost the lamp’s glass, In the flame of this light, pages close and book-covers warm themselves beside bookstore cats, Mountain ranges and frostbitten howls of a meditation-man forced by the Universe through an accident, a slip and a pinned in position, to meditate, Night owl-towers, […]

‘I’d Like You All To Meet Her’

February 16, 2012 ‘I’d like you all to meet her’, said the gnome to his friends and when he unveiled what was beneath his Always-warm-magic-blanket they were immediately brought down to kneel and then had to draw in deep breaths, seeing a most gorgeous river-rock who then spoke, saying, “I remember all of you! You’ve […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Lover

February 13/14, 2012 Lamplight, trees swaying, listening-emeralds, singing cattails, listening waterfalls, whispering stones and listening, praying-worship, yours. Your gift of your presence at first, in the holy light of the vine and leaf, the clear jungles of I, he, she and we, calling, lullaby after lullaby, Then for me came the framed butterflies, a gift […]

By The Look In Your Eyes

February 11, 2012 By the look in your eyes I see permission to pour this wine, White waterfall flowing over black onyx cliff sides on a white midnight with black owl sipping at its white lagoon’s edges, White bats drinking the nectar from black orchids, open and love-draped against a white dusk moon, My sentences […]

The Fire In The Chimney

February 8, 2012 The fire in the chimney, the door off its hinges, the mailbox writing letters, the water flowing upstream. The lamp listening to the burnt out bulb’s stories of what it saw, the woman and the man standing together in the tall grass of an ancient battlefield, about to spread a picnic blanket […]

Into This Calling

February 4, 2012 ‘Into this calling. Into this calling’, the dark fairy sang, Wide vistas of wanting, low canyons of morning dew settling for no less than the sunshine’s that’s you, Green boa wandering, parakeet flapping Love’s gentle breezes around, golden hippopotamus surfacing and cattails bending, bowing to its lover’s majestic, heavy harmonies, The poet […]