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RSSArchive for March, 2012

The Bridge

The Lover came to a swinging bridge labeled ‘Fear and Doubt’. The Lover looked at the chasm below, at the thinning handrails and old boards and lit it on fire, burning it away. The Lover set up his tent and fell asleep. The next morning the bridge was there again, exactly as it was before. […]

The Safe Thief

February 18, 2012 A thief breaks into a house; he creeps across the carpet to the safe.  To his surprise the door is on backwards and he says to himself, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen this before.’ and scratches his head.  There’s a small sign on the front of the safe, too small for him to […]

The Wall

March 1, 2012 The wall. The moonbeams upon it, the snail crossing over it, the age crossing through it, the boat French kissing it, Rest. The relentlessness of relaxation, the snowing of sun shining, the black seeds of colorful poppies, the tongue saying, ‘This is bland.’ Old man. The way he listens because he cannot […]