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RSSArchive for May, 2012

The Bright Red Rose

May 26, 2012 The bright red rose, the pink-hue-light beneath a baby’s smiling chin, the finished drink of water dripping from a camel’s chin, the sugarcane and the dandelion leaves whirling in the wind, dervishes and barbarians making love, the lakeside at one o’clock in the morning and the ringing of a bell beneath the […]

It’s Not Easy

May 15, 2012 ‘It’s not easy.’ said the stones to the troll. “Easy what?” replied the troll. ‘That’s it, just that, it’s not easy.’ So the troll picked the stones up, one by one, which was a strenuous feat, and flung them into a nearby stream, eventually damning it up and forming a pond wherein […]

To Enter Aloneness With A Seed

May 7, 2012 To enter aloneness with a seed, To see a roll of fencing and allow it to remain a roll, To see the new diary and allow Birth and Death to boil the ink in due time, To not force the Universe to revert, To see the wild flower dancing in the deceased […]

It’s Nearly Sunrise

May 3, 2012 It’s nearly sunrise and the owls have settled in to sleep, there’s a fairy sweeping moss off of footprints and playful designs that all bodies make when together, romping on Dusk’s welcome mat, running after God in the dark, smiling, listening to Wisdom’s hoots and the high pitched choruses of crickets, Then […]