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RSSArchive for August, 2012

Bashful Wolf

August 14, 2012 Bashful wolf growling in the paragraphs of my heart stomping in fires alive, Fearless Shiva cascading your smile, our mile, your eternal second, Seamless geometric creation, the bridges of pregnancy, the cliff sides of waterfalls and eagles nesting, This listening, the stencils of hummingbird songs and elders marching in March’s springtime promises, […]

It’s 11:14 PM

August 12, 2012 It’s 11:14PM, a chilly prairie wears a blanket of buffalo, a song is heard from the cliff side, a whistling and a moaning, laughing and agitated exclamations, there’s a fire being made in the heart of the lonely beginner, there’s a glacier of patience waiting for his failures to reveal themselves as […]