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RSSArchive for September, 2012

I Heard You

September 30, 2012 I heard you and did not enter back into your life in my ‘usual way’, not because I did not care, I wanted to see how the silence between us would unfold, how it would treat me, I wanted to see where the loss of trust in us would take me when […]

Youth Playing Beside A Quiet Creek

September 29, 2012 Youth playing beside a quiet creek, lightly a mantis lands on a sleeping girl’s hand, and an owl hoots far off in a distant land where mice are lords and crosses are cranes flying, not crucifixions, There’s a smooth stone and it’s rolling aside to make room for his heart to shine […]

Orange Cat

September 21, 2012 Orange cat Freedom, withering summer sunsets, the pumpkin with a light inside, the downspout gushing, a shimmer, a pounce, the cricket’s violin hidden in the moonlit thicket, an engine quiet, alone, body-less, a heart suspended in God’s open mouth.

The Sands Of Time

September 5, 2012 The Sands of Time stopped shifting, an ocean arrived and married them, A walrus grunted as a comet caught its eye, its tusks diving deep into the sky to seize it by the tail, A little boy could be heard crying on the new ocean sands, his footsteps wavy and tumbled; his […]

Of Course

September 2, 2012 “Of course.” said the spider to the silk. Weeping begins when the lamplight flickers to off and the hands unfold from prayer and the dog sleeps on the Welcome-mat instead of scratching the door’s back, “Of course.” said the prospector to the gold and the gold replied, ‘Oh, I do understand your […]